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Meet the Team: Jayne

In this series, you heard from our team members about their favorite moments over the last year! If you missed Guy's post about his trip to the US, you can find that here. In this post, Jayne, our National Director of Partnerships, tells us about one of her favorite RESTORE experiences from 2019. 

I've been a member of the RESTORE family since the company moved from Israel to the US. I have many great memories and favorite moments from over the years. As we shifted from the kids' platform to the adult platform and I started to work closely with therapists and patients in centers, I quickly realized there was a similar trend: a lack of time for creativity and limited utilization of technology. Luckily, I knew this was a problem we could help solve!

It never fails to warm my soul to see how a simple, portable tool can change an entire center. The slight shift in attitude and incorporation of fun, interactive technology makes a world of difference for everyone involved. It can take a therapist from one who does the same things every day to one who boldly embraces a new approach. And whose patients reap the benefits!

Getting Started

The best part of my job, by far, is witnessing players experience our games for the first time! Patients push harder and longer than they have before because they're having fun. They smile, laugh, and cheer one another on, creating memorable experiences for everyone. A great example of this is from a recent visit I had with a center in Maryland. A woman in a wheelchair came for therapy to work on core and lower body strengthening. I was excited for her to play because we have some great options for targeting these areas! 

We explained how to play, and it was clear she was ready for some fun. The therapist attached a controller to her chest, customized the range of motion, and played Ski Saga to start. Guided by her therapist, she shifted from side to side and played for over 30 seconds. She flew down the slopes avoiding obstacles to the best of her ability, smiling the entire time! All of us had so much fun and she asked to play another game. This time, her therapist wanted her to play using her legs.

The RESTORE Difference

We placed a controller on her toes and played another game with her extending her leg straight out. The first time she heard the Ladybugs go "Yippee" as she helped them cross the bridge, she laughed audibly, and her face lit up! After playing for about a minute, the therapist mentioned that she was able to extend her leg more than she has before. This made the patient feel very accomplished and proud of her hard work. Then, I showed them how to access the data to view duration (time played) and the movement map, which affirmed what the therapist said. 

In my opinion, RESTORE is much more than just a therapy tool. It is often-needed defibrillation, restarting the heart of therapy departments and reminding them of why they wake up every morning. Working closely with therapists and patients to ensure that they have the best experience while they are in therapy is why I continue to love what we do here at RESTORE! 

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