Celebrate National Skilled Nursing Care Week with RESTORE-Wellness!


Dear Nursing Home Teams,
I want to take a moment to recognize and honor the exceptional work you do in providing high-quality 24-hour care to America's seniors and individuals with disabilities. During National Skilled Nursing Care Week (NSNCW), we come together to celebrate your unwavering dedication and the positive impact you make in the lives of millions.
This year's NSNCW theme of "Cultivating Kindness" resonates deeply with our mission at RESTORE-Skills. We understand that your role extends far beyond physical care. It's about fostering engagement, creating meaningful connections, and nurturing a vibrant sense of community among residents.
At RESTORE-Skills, we are deeply committed to supporting your efforts to keep your residents active, happy, and thriving. As a tribute to your extraordinary work, we are delighted to offer FREE one-week access to RESTORE-Wellness. 
Our comprehensive platform provides a wide range of engaging experiences tailored to the unique interests of each resident. From group activities that foster social connections to personalized programs that stimulate the mind and body, RESTORE-Wellness is here to enhance well-being and enrich the quality of life for all.
During NSNCW and beyond, let us continue to ignite a passion for skill-building, nurture engagement, and uplift the spirits of those in our care. Your commitment, compassion, and unwavering dedication are the driving forces behind creating an environment where residents thrive. We celebrate you, and we are honored to stand beside you as you cultivate kindness, create moments of connection, and inspire a future filled with excellence and joy.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Eran Arden,
CEO and Founder

Exciting news! RESTORE-Wellness is now live!

Dear RESTORE Community,

I am thrilled to announce we have officially launched RESTORE-Wellness, the latest addition to RESTORE’s suite of senior care solutions. Designed to empower activities and life enrichment teams, RESTORE-Wellness offers more than 100 activities catering to the unique needs and interests of each individual resident. Here are just a few examples of experiences that your teams and residents can immediately jump into:

  • Video streams that promote physical wellness, such as chair yoga, dance classes, games promoting movement and coordination, and more…

  • Innovative digital tools that allow staff and residents to engage in activities virtually, such as virtual interactive tours around the world, museums, and historical landmarks

  • Group activities that encourage socializing, such as bingo, card games, and trivia, plus more experiences residents can also play with their loved ones visiting the facility

  • Individual activities that can be tailored to specific residents' interests and abilities, such as puzzles, coloring, and reading

At RESTORE, our mission is to drive facility-wide commitment to skill-building. That's why we've developed RESTORE-Skills and RESTORE-Wellness, which provide a one-stop-shop for all your team’s skill-building needs. With RESTORE-Wellness, residents will enjoy a wide range of activities that not only entertain but also promote physical and mental wellness, reduce isolation and loneliness, and create lasting memories for family members visiting their loved ones.

Our platform is easy to use, with an intuitive interface making it easy for professionals and residents to access activities and monitor progress. RESTORE-Wellness also offers innovative digital features allowing staff and residents to engage in activities virtually, creating new avenues for socializing and entertainment. 

Best of all, RESTORE-Wellness is free for our existing customers and complimentary with any new RESTORE-Skills subscription.

We're confident RESTORE-Wellness will ignite the passion and empower senior care at your facility. Try it out today and see the positive impact it can have on the lives of your residents.

I would love to see you at our live online launch today at 1 pm EST.  Click Here to Register

Best regards,

Eran Arden,

CEO and Founder