Meet Sherry Zak Morris and Chair Yoga!

 Hello RESTORE Tribe,

Today we would like to introduce you to the amazing Sherry Zak Morris and Chair Yoga. Read on and be inspired!

Setting Out on a Yoga Adventure: A 25-Year Journey

Over two decades ago, in the midst of my forties, I embarked on a journey into the world of Yoga. Amidst the hustle and bustle of life, I sought a sanctuary of peace. From an initial spark of curiosity to a flame of unwavering dedication, each Yoga pose and mindful breath etched a unique chapter into the tapestry of my life.

Guided by Yoga's ancient wisdom, I found my compass through life's unpredictable currents. It became a steadfast companion, helping me navigate the challenges and joys with equal grace and resilience.

Destined Encounters and Chair Yoga’s Genesis

A twist of fate introduced me to Mary Cavanaugh, a visionary whose work laid the foundation for Chair Yoga. Collaborating with her marked a turning point in my journey. Together, we embarked on a mission to adapt Yoga for seniors, creating a unique blend that resonated in senior living communities, educational institutions, fitness centers, and beyond.

Our partnership fostered the spread of Chair Yoga, igniting a movement that united generations in the pursuit of holistic well-being. Through workshops, seminars, and practical sessions, we set out to prove that Yoga is truly for everyone, regardless of age or physical limitations.

Personal Drive from Lifelong Lessons

My passion for empowering seniors through Yoga is rooted in personal experience. Witnessing my parents, both in their nineties, embrace movement and vitality, fills me with a profound sense of purpose. Their resilience is a living testament to the power of Chair Yoga to enhance not only physical well-being but also the overall quality of life.

Chair Yoga: Celebrating Life's Joys

Among the seniors I had the privilege to work with, Chair Yoga became a celebration of life's beauty. It wasn't just about the physical movements or the breath; it was a vehicle for genuine connections and shared laughter.

Creative Endeavors and Meaningful Bonds

My journey with Mary extended beyond the boundaries of Yoga mats and chairs. It led us to create collaborative video projects and establish Yoga Journey Productions (YogaJP), a platform to share our insights with a broader audience.

The culmination of our efforts is visible in the collection of videos available on the RESTORE-Wellness platform and our other platforms. Each video reflects our dedication and serves as a testament to the transformative potential of Yoga.

Sharing Insight and Radiance

As I reflect on my journey, I am humbled by the profound impact Chair Yoga has had on countless lives. Through the RESTORE-Wellness platform, I invite you to experience its magic firsthand. Let our story inspire your own path of self-discovery and well-being. May you, and your residents, find in Yoga a wellspring of energy, wisdom, and radiant joy.

With love and light,

Sherry Zak Morris

Thank you Sherry! Check out Sherry and Chair Yoga on the RESTORE platforms today. Not yet a RESTORE user? Click Here to schedule a demo and experience our facility-wide commitment to skill building. 

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Elevate Engagement: Activities Tips for Carnival Pinball

Get ready to discover the world of Carnival Pinball, the reimagined Pinball Palooza. Let's explore creative ways to amplify the fun even more!

Pinball Palooza Delight: Host a retro arcade afternoon. Play Carnival Pinball on our platform, share stories, memories, and laughter with residents.

📚 Picture Book Extravaganza: Create a collaborative picture book that captures the essence of playing the game. Invite residents to illustrate scenes or add captions.

🤣 Resident Storytelling Fiesta: Challenge residents to play Carnival Pinball and write about their most fun Pinball experiences. Hang these stories in the activities room or in their personal spaces,

🍦 Cool Challenges with a Twist: Host a Pinball-themed challenge session where residents aim for high scores while savoring popsicles or other sweet treats.

RESTORE-Wellness: Bring on the Engagement!

  • Bonding Through Creativity: Plan engaging sessions around Carnival Pinball. Incorporate crafts, quizzes, or mini-tournaments that revolve around the game's vibrant theme.

  • Boosting Cognitive Agility: Enhance cognitive skills. From strategic planning to quick decision-making, the game supports mental agility.

  • Creating Shared Experiences: Foster a sense of belonging and community, contributing to emotional well-being.

  • Encouraging Social Interaction: Carnival Pinball acts as a conversation catalyst, encouraging residents to connect and share.

Carnival Pinball on RESTORE-Wellness is a key to unlocking joy and engagement. Embrace the power of play and let the Carnival Pinball magic light up residents' lives, one smile at a time! 🚀

Transform how residents receive care all while enhancing outcomes and streamlining workflow with RESTORE’s innovative platform. Click Here to schedule a RESTORE-Wellness demo and experience a facility-wide commitment to skill building. 

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Carnival Pinball: Igniting Skills Across Therapy Disciplines

Discover the world of Carnival Pinball, the upgraded version of our beloved Pinball Palooza. It's your ally for Occupational Therapy (OT), to use for the skill of Standing Upper Extremity Functional Reach. But here's the exciting twist – it's a game for all therapy disciplines!

A Few Reasons Carnival Pinball Tops Your List:

🎪 Dual Controllers: Use two contrasting controllers for bilateral coordination and fine motor skills practice.

🎠 Bonus Merry-Go-Round: Precision and agility come into play, promoting arm movement and coordination.

🎮 Dual Plungers: Launching the ball using two additional plungers aligns perfectly with Standing Upper Extremity Functional Reach.

🌟 Lights and Bumpers: Enhance hand-eye coordination and upper extremity range of motion navigating the ball.

Reflex Training: Boost reaction times, crucial for quick movements.


Upgrade Your Therapy Tool Kit:

  •  OTs: Carnival Pinball is your secret weapon for engaging Standing Upper Extremity Functional Reach exercises. It’s tailored for upper limb movement and coordination. This skill is crucial for reaching shelves, grooming, and dressing.

  • All Disciplines: Carnival Pinball transforms therapy into play, amplifying progress. For example, a resident recovering from a stroke, benefits from reflex training and coordination practice, translating to smoother everyday tasks like buttoning a shirt or preparing a meal.

  • ADLs & IADLs: Imagine integrating Carnival Pinball with daily life tasks. From the standing upper extremity functional reach it takes to locate items on a shelf, put away groceries, or access items in a closet. To the fine motor coordination involved in cooking or cleaning. Or the visual tracking, concentration, and decision-making, vital for tasks like managing medications.

Ignite progress, one play at a time. Carnival Pinball isn't just a game – it's a launchpad for skill development. Embrace its simplicity, revolutionize your approach, and let it reshape your therapy sessions. 

Transform how residents receive care all while enhancing outcomes and streamlining workflow with RESTORE’s innovative platform. Click Here to schedule a RESTORE-Skills demo and experience a facility-wide commitment to skill building. 

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Recharge your Restorative Program with RESTORE-Care

We're excited to announce RESTORE-Care! The healthcare landscape for senior living facilities has long been in need of an all-inclusive platform that can manage restorative care with ease, precision, and a personalized touch.

Here are some of the standout benefits:

  • Streamlined Care Management: RESTORE-Care simplifies the whole care process by providing an efficient tracking and alert system. It takes the guesswork and hassle out of time management, freeing up your staff to focus more on providing quality care.

  • A Variety of Activities: With RESTORE-Care, you have a wealth of care activities at your fingertips. These activities cater to a wide range of residents' needs, making skill-building a community effort. You won't have to worry about running out of ideas or resources to engage your residents in meaningful, beneficial activities.

  • Improved Resident Satisfaction: By organizing care schedules and ensuring no resident is left behind, RESTORE-Care significantly boosts resident satisfaction. Residents feel seen, heard, and cared for when their needs are met in a timely, efficient manner.

  • Personalized Care: Every resident is unique, and so should their care be. RESTORE-Care supports customized care activities that address the individual needs of each resident. This approach not only improves the effectiveness of the care provided but also adds a personal touch that residents will appreciate.

  • Operational Efficiency: RESTORE-Care optimizes the work of your staff by taking over the complex task of tracking and scheduling. Your team can work smarter, not harder, leading to better performance and less burnout.

  • Better Outcomes: With efficient tracking, alert system, and engaging activities all in one place, RESTORE-Care paves the way for better restorative care outcomes. You're not just delivering care; you're enhancing the lives of your residents.

Embrace the future of restorative care with RESTORE-Care. It's not just about improving the way you manage care, but about transforming your entire facility into a skill-building community where everyone, from residents to staff, benefits.

Less tracking hassle, more time for quality care - that's the promise of RESTORE-Care. We can't wait for you to experience it!


Exciting News: RESTORE-Care is now live!

Dear RESTORE Community,

I am thrilled to introduce you to RESTORE-Care, our new platform that we proudly launched this morning, with the goal to optimize restorative care programs within your facilities. RESTORE-Care is a significant step forward in our mission to drive a facility-wide approach to skill-building.

The addition of RESTORE-Care to our suite of products is a game-changer for nursing homes. By providing tools for activity selection, aligned with individual restorative programs, and automating the tracking of activity duration, we're answering critical operational and compliance challenges. 

Integrated with RESTORE-Skills and RESTORE-Wellness, RESTORE-Care forms a comprehensive solution that simplifies care planning, supports billing requirements, and increases efficiency across the facility.

By streamlining restorative care interventions and documentation, RESTORE-Care empowers care facilities to engage residents in meaningful experiences, and improve resident outcomes.

As our valued client, already using RESTORE-Skills, we invite you to explore the possibilities that RESTORE-Care can bring to your restorative care programs at no additional cost. We believe RESTORE-Care, RESTORE-Skills, and RESTORE-Wellness will take your commitment to skill-building even further and transform the senior care experience at your facility. 

Please let us know if you have any questions about RESTORE-Care, or need assistance accessing it.

Thank you for your continued trust in RESTORE.

Best regards,

Eran Arden,

CEO and Founder


Playful Progress: Elevate Therapy with RESTORE Games!

Hey there, therapy superheroes!

This month, we are turning the spotlight on Occupational Therapy (OT) and Standing Upper Extremity Functional Reach. But guess what? This blog is not just for OTs; it's for all therapy disciplines! So, whether you're an OT, PT, SLP, or any other therapy rockstar, get ready to discover how RESTORE games can take your therapy sessions to the next level while having a blast along the way.

  1.       Personalized Therapy Magic:

As a therapist, you know one size does not fit all in therapy. RESTORE games offer a treasure trove of interactive experiences that can be tailored to address the unique needs and goals of your residents. It's like having your own magic wand to create personalized therapy sessions that resonate with each individual.

Sticker Thursday: Upper Body Strengthening

  1.       Targeting Specific Skills:

This month, we're honing in on Standing Upper Extremity Functional Reach, and RESTORE games have got your back! From Spooky Spiders to Falling Fruits, each game is designed to improve focus, hand-eye coordination, and enhance upper extremity functional reach.

  1.       Versatility at Its Best:

RESTORE games are not just limited to one set of skills; they're incredibly versatile! Beyond OT, you can use these games to address various therapy goals, from ADLs to cognitive functions, to social interactions and so much more!

Sticker Thursday: ADLs and Self Care

Let’s unleash the thrill of some RESTORE games:

  •  Spooky Spiders:

Sharpen focus and hand-eye coordination as you hold your controllers over falling spiders. Can you catch them all before time runs out? A spine-tingling challenge awaits!

  •  Falling Fruit:

Enhance upper extremity functional reach and cross that midline with the monkey's arms reaching for fruits. Quick, match the right fruit with the right basket!

  •  Grocery Grab:

Master ADLs with a shopping spree in our virtual market. Move your controller to locate items and complete your shopping list like a pro shopper!

  •  Hoop Stars:

Put on your basketball skills and score those hoops like a pro! Get bonus points for nailing the golden basketball shots.

Are you ready to revolutionize your therapy practice and witness your resident’ progress skyrocket? RESTORE games are your secret superpower! Engaging, fun, and packed with targeted therapy goodness, they offer a thrilling and effective way to achieve therapy goals.

Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to level up your therapy sessions. If you're already a part of the RESTORE community, it's time to explore all the new games and experiences. And if you're not, what are you waiting for? It's time to unleash the therapy hero within you. Game on!

Transform how residents receive care all while enhancing outcomes and streamlining workflow with RESTORE’s innovative platform. Click Here to schedule a RESTORE-Skills demo and experience a facility-wide commitment to skill building. 

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Game Changer Alert: Boost Your Activities with RESTORE!

Hey there, fabulous Activities Professionals! Who's ready to transform an ordinary week into an epic adventure? Your commitment to creating each day a joyous and engaging journey for your residents is truly inspiring. This week, let's elevate each activity with a dash of the unique capabilities that RESTORE has to offer.

1. Spider Man Day: An Urban Adventure Extraordinaire!

spiderman butt GIF

Activity: Explore Manhattan to see where the Spider Man movie was filmed.

Swing into action as Spider Man's allies, venturing into the heart of Manhattan, with RESTORE’s interactive tour! Rekindle those favorite Spider Man moments and turn up the excitement with a Spider Man trivia showdown!

2. National Coloring Book Day: Paint the Town Red, Blue, Green…

Activity: Create coloring pages from these online resources.

National Coloring Book Day

Unleash the full spectrum of creativity from tranquil landscapes to vibrant characters. Decorate the Activities room with your patient’s artwork. Let's bring those masterpieces to life!

3. Watermelon Day: Summer's Sweetest Symphony

Watermelon Love GIF by Green Beats

Activity: Use RESTORE’s Visit Familiar Places to visit farms that grow watermelons.

How about a watermelon tasting party post-virtual farm tour? An excellent opportunity for residents to share their treasured summer stories, stirring up laughter and a heartwarming trip down memory lane.

4. Chocolate Chip Day: Sweet Indulgence and Soulful Moves

Activity: Make cookies and then exercise with Paul Eugene to burn off the calories.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Once everyone has savored their cookies, it's time to groove with Paul Eugene's lively sessions, courtesy of RESTORE-Wellness. This sweet and energizing mix promises a day filled with smiles and good vibes.

5. National Play Outside Day: Gaming in the Great Outdoors

Activity: Take your RESTORE game play and meditation outside.

Imagine a peaceful afternoon of RESTORE games amidst the tranquil beauty of nature. Set up comfortable, shaded areas for your residents to play and enjoy the fresh air. Then transition into a Gratitude guided meditation. Instill a sense of calm and appreciation, capping off their day with tranquility and positive emotions.

Remember, with RESTORE, you're not just crafting an activities calendar; you're weaving unforgettable moments of joy, nurturing connections, and igniting a zest for life among your residents.

Are you ready to take the first week of the month from ordinary to extraordinary? We know you are. And remember, we're here, cheering you on every step of the way!

Transform how residents receive care all while enhancing outcomes and streamlining workflow with RESTORE’s innovative platform. Click Here to schedule a RESTORE-Wellness demo and experience a facility-wide commitment to skill building. 

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