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What's up RESTORE Blog Readers?

My name is Jim Marlowe and I'm one of the Clinical Success Directors at RESTORE. I can also proudly say, I'm a COTA/L.

I worked in Admissions & Marketing at two different Skilled Nursing Facilities, prior to joining the RESTORE team. The admission front is extremely competitive, because every building is looking for something to differentiate themselves. When choosing a rehab facility, two things top the list and RESTORE can help with both.

1. How strong is their therapy team?

  • RESTORE offers fun and competitive skill building activities therapists can adapt to every patient.

  • Each RESTORE game highlights which skills that game addresses.

2. What is the patient experience like?

  • RESTORE games feature many activities for residents to enjoy, while working on skills, which will get them back to their highest level of function.

  • Our Jackpot t-shirt program is a fan favorite with residents. Hit 3 Wilds in our Jackpot game and win a free t-shirt, sent directly to your facility.

  • Facilities love to share those smiling faces on social media. *Social media is a beautiful thing*

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Answering those two questions is important, but facilities must also differentiate themselves to hospitals and physicians. RESTORE Home Player and Data Tracking can help.

Home Player and Data Tracking:

  • Facilities set up patients with RESTORE upon their discharge. Patients can continue playing at home, for free, up to 45 days post discharge.

  • Each resident's data is available to all RESTORE users in a facility and can be saved & printed. 

  • Therapists track their patient's participation and progress. If they notice a decline in the patient's function or participation, they follow up to determine the cause.

  • Therapists ensure home health is alerted to any changes or possibly bring the patient back to the facility for care, without a trip to the emergency room. Cutting down on rehospitalizations? That is music to everyone's ears! 

Use these admission and marketing tools to place your facility in the spotlight! Questions or ideas? Leave a comment or send me an email. 

Stay tuned for our next Blog post, which focuses on RESTORE and Speech Language Pathology.



Empowering Everyday Living #HappyOTMonth

Hello RESTORE Blog Readers,

It’s JaKaylah, one of the Clinical Success Directors at RESTORE, who just so happens to be a COTA!

Did you know that you are able to utilize RESTORE to reach your Life Skills goals?

All of our Life Skills games have qualities that we know, as clinicians, are important to us: safety awareness, cognitive skills, and sequencing. Under the Play & Practice section of the RESTORE platform, you are able to choose games that target specific IADL’s and are beneficial to your patients overall progress.

  • While playing RESTORE's Safely Home game, you are able to help both the resident and their family members recognize the safety hazards they may encounter inside or outside their home. As an OT Practitioner, one benefit of this game is, you can complete a Home Assessment which might have been challenging, in other circumstances.

  • Grocery Grab is played by using the grocery item list to begin your shopping experience in our market. The benefit of this game is the ability to simulate a shopping experience for your patients. They have to follow a specific list, add items to their cart, utilize money management skills by paying at the register, and even bag their groceries! 

  • Our Pill Skill game highlights medication management. We all know this can be a benefit in itself when patients are discharged to home.


Thanks so much for learning more about "Gamifying Life Skills." If you have any questions, please leave a comment or send me an email. I love chatting with fellow practitioners!

Stay tuned! Our next Blog post will be out in 2 weeks. We will be addressing RESTORE as it relates to Admissions and Marketing.