Mobility Through Sitting & Standing Activity Tolerance Games

As therapists, our goal is to bridge the gap between therapy and everyday life, ensuring that our interventions translate into tangible benefits for our residents. RESTORE games are a pivotal tool in this mission, especially when it comes to honing a key skill: Sitting and Standing Activity Tolerance.

  1.       Mobility for Greater Independence

    Mobility is the cornerstone of independence, and sitting and standing are actions that most residents perform multiple times a day. RESTORE games are designed to mimic these everyday movements, providing a safe and controlled environment to practice and improve. The repetitive nature of the games helps reinforce the neuromuscular pathways essential for these fundamental movements, paving the way for smoother transitions in real-world scenarios.

  2.       Strength and Balance

    Strength and balance are the dynamic duo of fall prevention. Our games target the specific muscle groups and motor skills involved in posture and locomotion. As residents engage with the games, they are essentially participating in a form of resistance training, which can lead to increased muscle mass and better balance — both critical factors in reducing fall risk.

  3.       Endurance for Daily Activities

    Activity tolerance is all about endurance. The more residents play, the more they can do. RESTORE games are cleverly designed to keep residents engaged for longer periods, helping to increase their cardiovascular and muscular stamina. This means residents can enjoy daily activities — from leisurely walks to gardening — with less fatigue.

  4.       Tracking Progress

With our gaming platform, therapists can easily monitor a resident’s progress in activity tolerance. This data is invaluable in setting goals, adjusting care plans, and providing residents with visible proof of their improvements, which can be incredibly motivating.

  1.       Adaptable to All Ability Levels

Every resident is unique, and so are their abilities. Each game can be tailored to meet a wide range of needs, ensuring that everyone can participate and reap the benefits, regardless of their starting point.

  1.       Injecting Fun into Therapy

Let’s face it: therapy can be hard work. But when it’s game-based, it’s also fun! By turning therapy sessions into engaging and entertaining activities, you can improve resident participation and adherence to therapeutic programs. A resident who looks forward to therapy is a resident who is more likely to engage in it consistently and with effort.

  1.       Promoting Holistic Well-being

Playing RESTORE games goes beyond physical health—it uplifts spirits and fosters a sense of accomplishment. It's about bringing smiles and a sense of community to residents, enhancing their overall well-being and enriching their daily lives.

 Incorporating RESTORE games into therapy sessions isn’t just a matter of providing entertainment — it's about offering a multifaceted approach to care that resonates on multiple levels. For therapists across all disciplines, these games represent a resource that can transform the therapeutic experience for our residents, making each session not just a step toward recovery, but a leap towards enriched living.

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Transforming Care with Creative Calendars

November marks a time of warmth and togetherness, presenting a perfect opportunity for Activities Professionals to bring a renewed sense of engagement and joy. With the RESTORE-Wellness Calendar as your ally, each day is a chance to weave RESTORE games into a fabric of fun, learning, and memorable experiences. Let’s maximize this month’s potential.

  1.   Seamless Integration:

Enhance American Football Day by syncing "Football Frenzy" with a celebratory social hour, where residents can share their favorite game-day memories. It’s an excellent way to increase participation and social interaction among residents.

  1.   Thematic Continuity:

For days like Cookie Monster's Birthday, why not play "Grocery Grab" beforehand to pick ingredients and bake together? It reinforces the theme and creates a tangible reward—delicious cookies!

  1.   Educational Opportunities:

Geography Awareness Week turns educational by playing “Take Flight” and using Visit Familiar Places to visit airports in your area. Follow this by encouraging residents to recount personal travel stories, which supports cognitive engagement and reminiscence therapy.

  1.   Emotional Connection:

Veterans Day is deepened by pairing "Veterans Trivia Night" with a heartwarming "Share Your Story" segment. This not only acknowledges their service but also validates their personal journeys.

  1.   Cultural Celebration:

The "Turkey Hunt Challenge" on Thanksgiving can lead to an afternoon of sharing gratitude. It’s a moment to connect over shared histories and create new traditions within your community.

  1.   Community Building: Spark collaboration with Puzzle Week. Play "Holiday Word Search" as a group and then set up a communal jigsaw puzzle station. It's a fulfilling way to encourage social bonding and gives a shared sense of accomplishment as the puzzle comes to life.

Expanding the Experience:

  1.   Wellness Focus:

Health Day is more than just activity; it’s about holistic well-being. Start with "Grocery Grab" and evolve into a wellness workshop where nutrition meets physical activity, like chair yoga or guided meditation.

  1.   Creative Expressions:

After exercising with Paul Eugene, introduce a digital storytelling workshop for Cyber Monday where residents can narrate their life highlights or create a community blog.

  1.   Seasonal Festivities:

Capitalize on Fall Feast by hosting a cooking class post "Grocery Grab.” This not only teaches new skills but also results in a communal meal that celebrates the harvest and flavors of fall.

 November brings a treasure trove of opportunities for Activities Professionals to curate a month brimming with excitement, growth, and togetherness. With the RESTORE-Wellness Calendar activities and games as your canvas, paint a November filled with rich experiences that resonate with every resident!

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