You already know that soccer’s the number one sport around the world, but did you it’s also the inspiration behind our newest game? In Bounce It, players practice their dribbling skills by bouncing a virtual ball with their knees or feet!

To play, align your head and shoulders with the silhouette on the game screen. Calibrate the red, green, or blue object attached to your lower extremities and then calibrate the desired height for each leg by following the on-screen prompts. Once calibrated, lift the leg that matches the color of the dropping ball to the calibrated white line and pop the ball in the air. 

Bounce It is great for targeted practice of balance, hip and knee range of motion, transitional/up and down movements, and endurance.

  • Can be played with 1 or 2 controllers.
  • Play standing or sitting, with or without support.
  • See the settings below for the option to play based on time or level, whether you want to alternate legs lifting or a random order, and the size of the ball.

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