On The Road: Priority Healthcare Group Administrator Appreciation Event

Hey RESTORE Tribe,

Once again our team has been out on the road. RESTORE team members Johanna Salmon, Vice President of Partnership Development and Amanda Capone, Sr. Director of Education snatched a golf cart to get to their latest destination.

Thank you Priority Healthcare for giving us the opportunity to be an Administrator Appreciation Event 2022 sponsor!

Johanna and Amanda had a great time playing the real version of some of our RESTORE games. #GolfMasters ⛳ #HoopStars 🏀 What a great time! And a great opportunity to connect with our #RESTOREtribe. Thank you again Priority Healthcare Group!

Evolve Therapy: Optimizing Reimbursment

Hey RESTORE Tribe,

We recently did a case study with the teams at Evolve Therapy and Emerald Healthcare. Evolve Therapy clinicians demonstrated greater patient participation during therapy sessions when benefiting from RESTORE-Skills. RESTORE increases engagement and activity tolerance, improves outcomes, and increases overall reimbursement potential. Click the link below to read more about the results of this case study.

Evolve_UPV Case Study

If you are a RESTORE user and are interested in participating in a Case Study with us or have questions about this case study, please Email Us.

If you are not yet a RESTORE user and would like more information, we would love to connect. Click here to schedule your live RESTORE Demo.

Thank you!