Jigsaw Puzzles, IADLs, and Safety Awareness

Welcome to the realm of Digital Jigsaw Puzzles, where fun and learning collide! With themes like Wild Animals, Cats, Dogs, Scenery, Food, and more, these puzzles are transforming how we approach daily living skills and safety awareness.

Occupational Therapists (OTs):

  • Meal Preparation: Initiate discussions on nutrition and safe kitchen practices using food-themed puzzles. Enhance learning and multi-step directions using the Kitchen Mixin' game.

  • Environmental Safety: Start conversations about navigating different environments safely using scenery puzzles. Complement discussions with activities like the Safely Home game and Discharge to Home Trivia.

Physical Therapists (PTs):

  • Safe Mobility: Emphasize mobility and safety within the environment with puzzles featuring nature and animals. Include exercises to improve balance and coordination.

  • Outdoor Safety: Lead discussions on safe outdoor activities with puzzles depicting trees and nature scenes, focusing on proper body mechanics, with all movement,  to decrease falls.

Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs):

  • Safety Communication: Spark discussions on safety around animals and in natural habitats using puzzles featuring wild animals. Encourage residents to express thoughts on safety measures and precautions.

  • Grocery Shopping: Introduce navigating the grocery store using food puzzles. Transition to the Grocery Grab game for practical application of shopping skills, focusing on selecting goods and managing transactions safely.

Activities Professionals:

  • Food for Thought: Kickstart kitchen safety and nutrition sessions with food-themed puzzles. Follow up with a cooking demonstration emphasizing safe cooking practices and healthy eating habits.

  • Virtual Travel: Use scenery puzzles to introduce residents to virtual travel experiences on the Wellness platform. Facilitate discussions on travel planning and environmental safety to enhance safety awareness and planning skills.

Restorative Aides:

  • Let’s Get Physical: Incorporate puzzle-solving into restorative programs that also include physical exercises. For example, completing a puzzle can be followed by exercises that mimic actions related to the puzzle's theme, reinforcing the physical and cognitive benefits.

  • Coordination and Dexterity: Integrate puzzle-solving into restorative programs to enhance coordination and dexterity. Pair puzzle completion with activities like bead threading or buttoning clothes, reinforcing fine motor skills and promoting independence in daily tasks.

Using Digital Jigsaw Puzzles isn't just fun; it's also a learning opportunity. It helps residents develop important life skills like managing daily tasks and staying safe. This approach supports residents' independence and well-being, one puzzle piece at a time.

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SNF Challenges Meet Their Match: A Game-Changing EMR Solution!

In the bustling world of Skilled Nursing Facilities, the dedication of therapists, DORs, and administrators shapes the core of patient care and operational success. Amidst their daily challenges, RESTORE-Insights serves as a strategic ally, crafted to amplify their impact and efficiency.

Therapists: Elevating Care, Reducing Paperwork

  • Streamline Documentation: Less time with paperwork means more quality time for your patients.

  • Real-Time Progress Tracking: Instantly adjust treatments to ensure each patient receives the care they need.

  • Enhance Patient Engagement: With reduced paperwork, there’s more opportunity to support and motivate your patients in their recovery journey.

Directors of Rehabilitation (DORs): Complex Scheduling Made Easy

  • Simplify Scheduling Processes: Managing multiple schedules becomes straightforward, allowing for optimal staff and patient alignment.

  • Flexibility with Therapist Assignments: Quickly change therapist assignments to match patient needs, ensuring efficient and effective therapy delivery.

  • Maximize Resource Efficiency: Make the most of your facility’s resources by aligning staff strengths with patient needs for a smoother operation.

Administrators: Efficient Reporting and Analytics

  • Customizable Reports: Embedded BI features in RESTORE-Insights allow for tailored report creation to fit any SNF's specific needs.

  • Actionable Insights: Provides essential data for informed decision-making and strategic planning.

  • Effortless Report Modification: Easy-to-use interface for modifying reports and dashboards to reflect evolving needs.

Why Choose RESTORE-Insights?

  1. For Therapists: Spend more time with patients and less on paperwork, thanks to an intuitive interface and efficient documentation.

  2. For DORs: Lead with confidence by leveraging the system's analytics for optimal resource allocation and therapy program management.

  3. For Administrators: Achieve operational excellence with tools that support financial management, ensure compliance, and foster interdisciplinary collaboration.

At the core of each Skilled Nursing Facility is an unwavering commitment to top-tier care and smooth operations. Together, they don't just meet standards; they set new ones, one patient and one report at a time. RESTORE-Insights isn't merely an EMR—it's a partner, offering steadfast support to these committed professionals in their crucial work.

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Explore the Globe: Engaging Virtual Journeys

Prepare to ignite curiosity with our travel videos! We’re guiding you and your residents on a virtual journey through Cape Town, Rio de Janeiro, and Frankfurt. Explore our tailored activities that enhance these adventures. They're easy, entertaining, and rich with educational moments. Let's bring these destinations to life through hands-on exploration!

Cape Town, South Africa: A Kaleidoscope of Nature and Culture

  1. Table Mountain Yoga: Follow up with the video with a chair yoga session, integrating movements that mimic climbing and exploring, to bring the physical experience of hiking to life.

  2. Flora and Fauna Discussion: Hold a group discussion or presentation on the unique plants of the Cape. Consider having botanical prints or simple potted plants for tactile interaction.

  3. Craft a Mini Bo-Kaap: Using colorful paper and basic craft supplies, residents create their own vibrant Bo-Kaap houses. Encourages creativity and reminiscing about the colorful visuals from the video.

  4. South African Tea Tasting: Host a tea-tasting session featuring Rooibos tea, a South African staple. Pair it with traditional snacks. Engage the senses and spark conversations about the flavors of South Africa.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: A Carnival of Joy and Wonder

  1. Copacabana Beach Day: Transform your common area into the world's most famous beach for a day. Beach-themed decorations, samba music, and Brazilian snacks can make for a festive atmosphere.

  2. Sugarloaf Mountain Meditation: Lead a meditation session that encourages residents to visualize the panoramic vistas of Sugarloaf Mountain and feel the tranquility of the mountain.

  3. Carnival Parade: Host your own mini carnival! Encourage residents to make costumes and decorate masks. Finish with a parade around the facility, letting everyone show off their creations.

  4. Iguazu Falls Sound Therapy: Play recordings of waterfall sounds for a peaceful sound therapy session, helping residents relax and maybe share stories of nature experiences they've had.

Frankfurt, Germany: A Blend of Tradition and Modern

  1. Christmas Market Celebration: Recreate the magic of Frankfurt's Christmas Market, no matter the season. Crafts, traditional German treats, and hot cocoa can make for a cozy, festive day.

  2. Lovelock Bridge Messages: Invite residents to write messages on paper "locks" that can be attached to a small indoor "bridge" set up for this purpose, fostering a sense of community and shared dreams.

  3. Non-Alcoholic Wine Tasting: Host a tasting of non-alcoholic wines or grape juices. Discuss the history of wine-making in Germany, engaging residents in a sensory and educational experience.

  4. Frankfurt-Themed Bingo: Design a bingo game with symbols and icons representing Frankfurt's landmarks, cultural elements, and traditions mentioned in the video.

Thank you for journeying with us through Cape Town’s colors, Rio’s rhythms, and Frankfurt’s flair. We hope these activities inspired you to bring the world closer to your residents, creating moments of connection and discovery. Keep exploring, keep creating, and here's to turning every day into a new adventure. See you on the next trip!

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What is a Skill-Building EMR?

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) seek innovation to elevate patient care and improve efficiency. Enter the skill-building EMR, a game-changer for SNFs and therapy companies, designed to streamline therapy management and engage patients effectively.

What Is a Skill-Building EMR?

A skill-building EMR integrates therapy management with real-time patient data, enabling personalized, data-driven care. It allows therapists to swiftly adjust treatments, ensuring tailored care that significantly enhances patient outcomes.

Key Benefits:

Real-Time Actionable Data: Offers immediate insight into patient care and facility operations, enabling timely interventions and decisions.

Streamlined documentation: Reduces administrative tasks, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

Custom BI Reporting: Provides customizable solutions, enabling providers to tailor reports and live dashboards to their specific needs.

Holistic Care Collaboration: Fosters collaboration among care providers, creating a unified view of patient progress, enabling personalized care plans.


Introducing RESTORE-Insights

RESTORE-Insights represents the forefront of skill-building EMR technology. Tailored for SNFs, it provides a comprehensive platform that not only meets today’s needs but paves the way for future advancements in care and efficiency.

Take Action

See the difference RESTORE-Insights can make in your facility. Request a demo today and step into a new era of rehabilitative care excellence. Simplify care, improve outcomes, and enhance efficiency with RESTORE-Insights.

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Help Residents Foster New Friendships & Shared Experiences

Gear up, Activities Pros! It's time to cast into the vibrant world of Fishing Quest! This blog is your treasure map to discover why this game is a must-have in your activity toolkit, and how to make the most of it.

Five Reasons to Play

  1.       Universal Accessibility: Fishing Quest is suitable for everyone, regardless of their gaming experience. Its inclusive design ensures all residents, regardless of their physical or cognitive abilities, can join in.

  2.       Social Interaction: Fishing Quest naturally fosters social interaction. Residents can play together, share tips, and celebrate each other’s catches, strengthening community bonds.

  3.       Interests and Learning: The game opens doors to learning about different fish species, ecosystems, and fishing techniques, appealing to residents with a love for nature and learning.

  4.       Variety and Flexibility: With different levels and challenges, the game offers a variety of experiences. Residents can enjoy a casual play at their own pace or engage in more competitive, skill-based challenges.

  5.       Memory Lane: Fishing Quest can be a nostalgic experience for many, recalling past fishing adventures. It’s a wonderful way to connect residents with their personal histories and spark conversations.

Five Ways to Play

  1.       Fish Identification Workshop: Following gameplay, host a session on fish identification and interesting facts about each species found in the game. It can be both educational and a great conversation starter.

  2.       Fishing Quest Storytelling: Invite residents to share their own fishing experiences or tall tales inspired by their gameplay. It’s a fantastic way to engage in storytelling and reminisce about past adventures.

  3.       Fish-Themed Art Day: Organize an art day where residents can draw, paint, or craft the fish they’ve caught in the game. This activity encourages creativity and self-expression.

  4.       ‘Fisherman’s Feast’ Themed Party: Host a themed party where the menu, decorations, and music revolve around a fishing theme, inspired by their virtual catches in Fishing Quest.

  5.       Fishing Quest Picture Frames: Take pictures of residents playing the game and then have them create picture frames for the photos, fostering creativity and a sense of accomplishment.

Bring Fishing Quest into the mix and see how it transforms your community! These activities are all about connecting, sharing laughs, and building stronger bonds. Watch as each session fosters new friendships and shared experiences, catch by catch!

P.S. We'd love to hear about the creative ways you're using RESTORE-Wellness. Post in the RESTORE  Game Changers, skilled-care professional Facebook group and let the world see your genius!

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Hooking Therapeutic Gains with Every Cast

Welcome to Fishing Quest, where fun gameplay aligns with therapeutic progress. We're uncovering how this game works on crucial skills for therapy patients, offering a unique blend of engagement and skill development for therapists across disciplines.

Balance and Bilateral Coordination

  •         Occupational Therapy: Improves ability to perform tasks requiring coordinated use of both hands, like preparing meals or doing laundry.

  •         Physical Therapy: Aids in developing stability and coordination necessary for climbing stairs, carrying groceries, or navigating uneven surfaces.

  •         Speech-Language Pathology: The integration of cognitive-linguistic tasks supports abilities like following verbal instructions for daily self-care routines and effectively communicating needs and preferences.

Crossing the Midline

  •         Occupational Therapy: Enhances the ability to perform tasks that require reaching across the body, like washing the opposite arm or leg or zipping a jacket.

  •         Physical Therapy: Promotes flexibility and range of motion, critical for activities like exercising or vacuuming.

  •         Speech-Language Pathology: Facilitates communication between the left and right hemispheres of the brain, aiding in conversational turn-taking comprehension like participating in group discussions or responding appropriately to family or caregivers.

Range of Motion

  •         Occupational Therapy: Aids in increasing joint movement for activities like dressing, grooming, and other personal care activities.

  •         Physical Therapy: Focuses on improving mobility for actions like bending or stretching, for daily tasks such as dressing, bathing, or reaching for items.

  •         Speech-Language Pathology: Helps in facilitating breath control and posture for clearer speech, supporting tasks involving verbal communication, like phone conversations or asking for help.

Attention and Endurance

  •         Occupational Therapy: Builds concentration for tasks such as managing finances or following recipes.

  •         Physical Therapy: Develops stamina necessary for taking showers or grocery shopping without fatigue.

  •         Speech-Language Pathology: Improves sustained attention for better comprehension and expression in conversations, like making appointments or community participation.

Eye-Hand Coordination and Motor Planning

  •         Occupational Therapy: Essential for precise tasks like eating with utensils or brushing teeth.

  •         Physical Therapy: Helps in activities requiring coordination, such as cooking or driving.

  •         Speech-Language Pathology: Aids in the coordination of speech production and non-verbal communication, assisting in the management of technology for tasks like reading newspaper headlines or ads.

Fishing Quest is your new ally in therapy. By incorporating it into your sessions, you’re not just adding fun; you're enhancing skill-building in an exciting way. Let's leverage this game to inspire and progress our residents' journeys towards better health and independence.

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Bonding Through Chair Yoga: Elevating Friendship in the Golden Years

In the world of elder care, the bonds between caregivers and residents go beyond professionalism—they are profound connections that shape life in senior living communities. The friends made in these communities hold a special place, and for those of us dedicated to elder care, their value is unmistakable. 

A Haven for Meaningful Connections

When we perceive senior living communities as small enclaves of remarkable individuals, these spaces transcend beyond mere residences. They become sanctuaries where a second family is discovered. The bonds formed between residents and caregivers are not just functional; they are integral, fostering genuine connections. It's through the commitment and dedication of the staff that an atmosphere is created, where these functional bonds transcend into meaningful friendships. This enrichment resonates emotionally and socially, creating a nurturing environment for both residents and caregivers alike.

Chair Yoga: Building Bridges Through Wellness

For caretakers, promoting well-being is key. Group Chair Yoga is an ideal bridge between physical health and community bonds. Beyond exercise, it fosters unity, with synchronized movements and collective breaths serving as conduits for meaningful connections, contributing to residents' physical health and catalyzing deeper relationships.

The Power of Shared Experiences

Group activities such as Chair Yoga for seniors provide benefits that extend beyond the physical realm. They create platforms for shared experiences, fostering community. For those in senior living communities, these moments are the heartbeat of caregiving, going beyond tasks to connect on a deeper level, reinforcing that caregiving is a calling to be present in lives entrusted to our care.

Discovering an old, new friend is a Valuable Treasure.

As caregivers, friends cultivated later in life in senior living communities are not just residents; they are individuals with stories and wisdom. These friendships enrich both residents' and caregivers' lives, contributing to a nurturing and fulfilling workplace culture.

Fostering Connections: Chair Yoga Classes as the Social Catalyst in Senior Living Communities

In the heart of senior living communities, my Chair Yoga video classes provide the perfect social setting for forging new friendships. Through shared experiences and gentle movements, we connect in synchronized breaths and laughter. These moments, rich with camaraderie, lay the foundation for lasting connections, showing that the beauty of friendship blossoms in the communal spirit of shared activities.


Sherry Zak Morris, Certified Yoga Therapist

Founder of Yoga Vista

P.S. We'd love to hear about the creative ways you're using RESTORE-Wellness. Post in the RESTORE  Game Changers, skilled-care professional Facebook group and let the world see your genius!

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Holidays Around the World with RESTORE

Welcome, Activities Professionals, to the season of sparkling lights, heartfelt traditions, and global celebrations! Let’s curate a tapestry of activities that honor the richness of holidays this month. From Hanukkah to the final countdown on New Year's Eve, here's how we can bring the joy of worldwide festivities to our community.

Hanukkah: Spinning the Dreidel of Tradition

Immerse your residents in the rich traditions of Hanukkah with a themed game night. Play our holiday games and then travel to Jerusalem and take part in our Scavenger Hunt.

Introduce dreidel spinning competitions, and engage everyone in crafting sessions to make their own dreidels and menorahs. Set up a storytelling circle where residents can share their Hanukkah stories, fostering warmth and community spirit.

Christmas: A Carol of Joy

Transform your community into a festive Christmas haven. Organize a Holiday Sing-A-Long on RESTORE-Wellness and set the stage for a heartwarming karaoke night. On Christmas Day, cozy up for a marathon of classic movies. Ensure everyone feels connected by arranging video calls for residents to send festive greetings to their loved ones.

Kwanzaa: Weaving a Tapestry of Heritage

Embrace the cultural significance of Kwanzaa by setting up an educational and interactive "Kwanzaa Corner." Use Visit Familiar Places to explore the continent of Africa. Each day, highlight one of the seven principles of Kwanzaa through engaging discussions, storytelling, and displays.

New Year's Eve: Toasting to Togetherness

Play the different decades of Trivia Night and discuss where your residents where at that time. Ring in the New Year with a "Resolution Tree" where residents can hang their wishes for the year ahead.

Memorable Moments Throughout the Month

 Be Buddy the Elf Day:
Channel the infectious energy of Buddy the Elf by playing holiday games on RESTORE. Encourage residents to embody the joy and enthusiasm of Buddy, by using or creating red or green controllers. Screen the movie "Elf" and spread laughter and Christmas cheer throughout your community.

Holiday Tournament:
Get into the competitive spirit with a holiday-themed games tournament. Hae your residents select the holiday games. Learn and encourage laughter and teamwork, ensuring that everyone joins in the fun.

Christmas Eve Cookies & Games: Invite residents to roll up their sleeves for a cookie decorating contest, with a spread of icing, sprinkles, and edible glitter for creative expression. Pair this with holiday-themed RESTORE games for an evening of strategy, fun, and festive teamwork

Let's make this December a celebration of global traditions, creating a journey through the holidays around the world right in our community. Engage the senses, honor traditions, and most importantly, foster the joy and togetherness that define this time of year. Here's to a month of wonder, warmth, and worldwide celebration!

P.S. We'd love to hear about the creative ways you're using RESTORE-Wellness. Post in the RESTORE  Game Changers, skilled-care professional Facebook group and let the world see your genius!

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Developing Life Skills with Interactive Games

Game 1: Order Up

Brief Description:

Order Up is a game where players control a server to catch falling items in a specific order, using one or two controllers. It focuses on improving cognitive and physical coordination skills in a fun and interactive way.

Clinical Value:

This game enhances cognitive skills such as recall and scanning, and physical abilities like functional reach, balance, and mobility. It’s particularly effective for improving coordination and following directions.

Application in Therapy:

Physical Therapists (PTs): PTs can use Order Up to work on balance, functional reach, and mobility. It's beneficial for patients recovering from injuries or with movement disorders.

Occupational Therapists (OTs): OTs can utilize the game to improve hand-eye coordination, crossing the midline, and enhancing daily living skills like multitasking and quick decision-making.

Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs): SLPs can use Order Up to help clients with cognitive-communication skills, including processing speed, following multi-step directions, and enhancing attention.

Game 2: Kitchen Mixin'

Brief Description:

Kitchen Mixin' is an engaging game where players select and prepare recipes from a virtual cookbook. It's designed to improve cognitive skills and simulate cooking tasks.

Clinical Value:

This game boosts cognitive skills like attention, concentration, memory, problem-solving, and decision-making. It also improves visual scanning, eye-hand coordination, and range of motion.

Application in Therapy:

Physical Therapists (PTs): PTs can use this game to enhance fine motor skills and upper limb range of motion, as well as standing balance and endurance during cooking tasks.

Occupational Therapists (OTs): Ideal for OTs to develop cognitive planning for cooking and daily living activities, as well as to improve task sequencing and organizational skills.

Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs): SLPs can focus on language comprehension and expression related to cooking, following recipes, and sequencing steps in cooking.

Game 3: Pill Skill

Brief Description:

Pill Skill is a game designed to mimic medication management by organizing pills in a specific sequence, enhancing recall and attention to detail.

Clinical Value:

This game is excellent for improving medication management skills, recall, scanning, functional reach, and attention to detail, key in cognitive therapy.

Application in Therapy:

Physical Therapists (PTs): PTs can use Pill Skill to assess and improve patients' dexterity and coordination, especially those recovering from hand injuries or with motor skill impairments.

Occupational Therapists (OTs): OTs can focus on fine motor skills, medication management training, and cognitive skills like planning and organization.

Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs): For SLPs, this game is a tool for cognitive-communication therapy, focusing on memory, sequence processing, and problem-solving skills.

Game 4: Safely Home

Brief Description:

Safely Home engages players in identifying and resolving safety hazards in a virtual home environment, enhancing safety awareness and problem-solving skills.

Clinical Value:

This game improves cognitive skills like attention, safety recognition, problem-solving, judgment, and decision-making, essential for independent living.

Application in Therapy:

Physical Therapists (PTs): PTs can use this game to teach safe mobility and balance strategies in different home environments.

 Occupational Therapists (OTs): OTs can employ the game to educate about household safety and adaptive strategies for independent living.

 Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs): SLPs can focus on improving understanding and expression of safety concepts, as well as enhancing problem-solving and reasoning abilities.


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Mobility Through Sitting & Standing Activity Tolerance Games

As therapists, our goal is to bridge the gap between therapy and everyday life, ensuring that our interventions translate into tangible benefits for our residents. RESTORE games are a pivotal tool in this mission, especially when it comes to honing a key skill: Sitting and Standing Activity Tolerance.

  1.       Mobility for Greater Independence

    Mobility is the cornerstone of independence, and sitting and standing are actions that most residents perform multiple times a day. RESTORE games are designed to mimic these everyday movements, providing a safe and controlled environment to practice and improve. The repetitive nature of the games helps reinforce the neuromuscular pathways essential for these fundamental movements, paving the way for smoother transitions in real-world scenarios.

  2.       Strength and Balance

    Strength and balance are the dynamic duo of fall prevention. Our games target the specific muscle groups and motor skills involved in posture and locomotion. As residents engage with the games, they are essentially participating in a form of resistance training, which can lead to increased muscle mass and better balance — both critical factors in reducing fall risk.

  3.       Endurance for Daily Activities

    Activity tolerance is all about endurance. The more residents play, the more they can do. RESTORE games are cleverly designed to keep residents engaged for longer periods, helping to increase their cardiovascular and muscular stamina. This means residents can enjoy daily activities — from leisurely walks to gardening — with less fatigue.

  4.       Tracking Progress

With our gaming platform, therapists can easily monitor a resident’s progress in activity tolerance. This data is invaluable in setting goals, adjusting care plans, and providing residents with visible proof of their improvements, which can be incredibly motivating.

  1.       Adaptable to All Ability Levels

Every resident is unique, and so are their abilities. Each game can be tailored to meet a wide range of needs, ensuring that everyone can participate and reap the benefits, regardless of their starting point.

  1.       Injecting Fun into Therapy

Let’s face it: therapy can be hard work. But when it’s game-based, it’s also fun! By turning therapy sessions into engaging and entertaining activities, you can improve resident participation and adherence to therapeutic programs. A resident who looks forward to therapy is a resident who is more likely to engage in it consistently and with effort.

  1.       Promoting Holistic Well-being

Playing RESTORE games goes beyond physical health—it uplifts spirits and fosters a sense of accomplishment. It's about bringing smiles and a sense of community to residents, enhancing their overall well-being and enriching their daily lives.

 Incorporating RESTORE games into therapy sessions isn’t just a matter of providing entertainment — it's about offering a multifaceted approach to care that resonates on multiple levels. For therapists across all disciplines, these games represent a resource that can transform the therapeutic experience for our residents, making each session not just a step toward recovery, but a leap towards enriched living.

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