Jigsaw Puzzles, IADLs, and Safety Awareness

Welcome to the realm of Digital Jigsaw Puzzles, where fun and learning collide! With themes like Wild Animals, Cats, Dogs, Scenery, Food, and more, these puzzles are transforming how we approach daily living skills and safety awareness.

Occupational Therapists (OTs):

  • Meal Preparation: Initiate discussions on nutrition and safe kitchen practices using food-themed puzzles. Enhance learning and multi-step directions using the Kitchen Mixin' game.

  • Environmental Safety: Start conversations about navigating different environments safely using scenery puzzles. Complement discussions with activities like the Safely Home game and Discharge to Home Trivia.

Physical Therapists (PTs):

  • Safe Mobility: Emphasize mobility and safety within the environment with puzzles featuring nature and animals. Include exercises to improve balance and coordination.

  • Outdoor Safety: Lead discussions on safe outdoor activities with puzzles depicting trees and nature scenes, focusing on proper body mechanics, with all movement,  to decrease falls.

Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs):

  • Safety Communication: Spark discussions on safety around animals and in natural habitats using puzzles featuring wild animals. Encourage residents to express thoughts on safety measures and precautions.

  • Grocery Shopping: Introduce navigating the grocery store using food puzzles. Transition to the Grocery Grab game for practical application of shopping skills, focusing on selecting goods and managing transactions safely.

Activities Professionals:

  • Food for Thought: Kickstart kitchen safety and nutrition sessions with food-themed puzzles. Follow up with a cooking demonstration emphasizing safe cooking practices and healthy eating habits.

  • Virtual Travel: Use scenery puzzles to introduce residents to virtual travel experiences on the Wellness platform. Facilitate discussions on travel planning and environmental safety to enhance safety awareness and planning skills.

Restorative Aides:

  • Let’s Get Physical: Incorporate puzzle-solving into restorative programs that also include physical exercises. For example, completing a puzzle can be followed by exercises that mimic actions related to the puzzle's theme, reinforcing the physical and cognitive benefits.

  • Coordination and Dexterity: Integrate puzzle-solving into restorative programs to enhance coordination and dexterity. Pair puzzle completion with activities like bead threading or buttoning clothes, reinforcing fine motor skills and promoting independence in daily tasks.

Using Digital Jigsaw Puzzles isn't just fun; it's also a learning opportunity. It helps residents develop important life skills like managing daily tasks and staying safe. This approach supports residents' independence and well-being, one puzzle piece at a time.

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