For Your Activities Teams.

Driving the motivation to accelerate skill-building with fun and engaging activities for individual, group, and concurrent interactions.

RESTORE-Wellness Turns Every Computer into a Stream of Game-Changing Experiences

RESTORE turns every computer into a Powerful, Engaging, and Measurable Functional Skills Development Platform


Travel Around the World

Innovative digital experiences that allow staff and residents to engage in virtual activities and guided historical landmark and museum tours across the globe

Video Exercises Sessions

Promoting mental & cognitive wellness, movement, and coordination include yoga, dance classes, and games.

Group activities

Designed to encourage socializing, such as bingo, card games, and trivia

Fun Interactive Activities

That can be tailored to residents' interests and abilities, such as Puzzles, Art, and Reading

Interactive Tours

Visit landmarks around the globe while you enjoy full control on the road ahead  

Seated Meditation Sessions

Relaxing and calming guided meditation sessions promoting mindfulness and wellbeing