Exciting News: RESTORE-Care is now live!

Dear RESTORE Community,

I am thrilled to introduce you to RESTORE-Care, our new platform that we proudly launched this morning, with the goal to optimize restorative care programs within your facilities. RESTORE-Care is a significant step forward in our mission to drive a facility-wide approach to skill-building.

The addition of RESTORE-Care to our suite of products is a game-changer for nursing homes. By providing tools for activity selection, aligned with individual restorative programs, and automating the tracking of activity duration, we're answering critical operational and compliance challenges. 

Integrated with RESTORE-Skills and RESTORE-Wellness, RESTORE-Care forms a comprehensive solution that simplifies care planning, supports billing requirements, and increases efficiency across the facility.

By streamlining restorative care interventions and documentation, RESTORE-Care empowers care facilities to engage residents in meaningful experiences, and improve resident outcomes.

As our valued client, already using RESTORE-Skills, we invite you to explore the possibilities that RESTORE-Care can bring to your restorative care programs at no additional cost. We believe RESTORE-Care, RESTORE-Skills, and RESTORE-Wellness will take your commitment to skill-building even further and transform the senior care experience at your facility. 

Please let us know if you have any questions about RESTORE-Care, or need assistance accessing it.

Thank you for your continued trust in RESTORE.

Best regards,

Eran Arden,

CEO and Founder


Celebrate National Skilled Nursing Care Week with RESTORE-Wellness!


Dear Nursing Home Teams,
I want to take a moment to recognize and honor the exceptional work you do in providing high-quality 24-hour care to America's seniors and individuals with disabilities. During National Skilled Nursing Care Week (NSNCW), we come together to celebrate your unwavering dedication and the positive impact you make in the lives of millions.
This year's NSNCW theme of "Cultivating Kindness" resonates deeply with our mission at RESTORE-Skills. We understand that your role extends far beyond physical care. It's about fostering engagement, creating meaningful connections, and nurturing a vibrant sense of community among residents.
At RESTORE-Skills, we are deeply committed to supporting your efforts to keep your residents active, happy, and thriving. As a tribute to your extraordinary work, we are delighted to offer FREE one-week access to RESTORE-Wellness. 
Our comprehensive platform provides a wide range of engaging experiences tailored to the unique interests of each resident. From group activities that foster social connections to personalized programs that stimulate the mind and body, RESTORE-Wellness is here to enhance well-being and enrich the quality of life for all.
During NSNCW and beyond, let us continue to ignite a passion for skill-building, nurture engagement, and uplift the spirits of those in our care. Your commitment, compassion, and unwavering dedication are the driving forces behind creating an environment where residents thrive. We celebrate you, and we are honored to stand beside you as you cultivate kindness, create moments of connection, and inspire a future filled with excellence and joy.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Eran Arden,
CEO and Founder

Exciting news! RESTORE-Wellness is now live!

Dear RESTORE Community,

I am thrilled to announce we have officially launched RESTORE-Wellness, the latest addition to RESTORE’s suite of senior care solutions. Designed to empower activities and life enrichment teams, RESTORE-Wellness offers more than 100 activities catering to the unique needs and interests of each individual resident. Here are just a few examples of experiences that your teams and residents can immediately jump into:

  • Video streams that promote physical wellness, such as chair yoga, dance classes, games promoting movement and coordination, and more…

  • Innovative digital tools that allow staff and residents to engage in activities virtually, such as virtual interactive tours around the world, museums, and historical landmarks

  • Group activities that encourage socializing, such as bingo, card games, and trivia, plus more experiences residents can also play with their loved ones visiting the facility

  • Individual activities that can be tailored to specific residents' interests and abilities, such as puzzles, coloring, and reading

At RESTORE, our mission is to drive facility-wide commitment to skill-building. That's why we've developed RESTORE-Skills and RESTORE-Wellness, which provide a one-stop-shop for all your team’s skill-building needs. With RESTORE-Wellness, residents will enjoy a wide range of activities that not only entertain but also promote physical and mental wellness, reduce isolation and loneliness, and create lasting memories for family members visiting their loved ones.

Our platform is easy to use, with an intuitive interface making it easy for professionals and residents to access activities and monitor progress. RESTORE-Wellness also offers innovative digital features allowing staff and residents to engage in activities virtually, creating new avenues for socializing and entertainment. 

Best of all, RESTORE-Wellness is free for our existing customers and complimentary with any new RESTORE-Skills subscription.

We're confident RESTORE-Wellness will ignite the passion and empower senior care at your facility. Try it out today and see the positive impact it can have on the lives of your residents.

I would love to see you at our live online launch today at 1 pm EST.  Click Here to Register

Best regards,

Eran Arden,

CEO and Founder


skilled nursing isolation


RESTORE-Together motivates skilled nursing patients to safely collaborate with loved ones and join team activities

Isolation is not for us. As human beings, we are together creatures. We strive for connection from the second we are born; from the minute we look for our mother’s eyes to the language we develop, the relationships we build, and the communities we are so proud to be part of.

Today we are proud to launch RESTORE-Together, enhancing our motivational therapy platform with a multiplayer function.  Patients now have the ability to play therapy-driven skill-building games remotely with their loved ones, connect with other residents in the skilled nursing facility for a group activity, and even participate in live, nationwide gaming tournaments — all from the safety of their rooms!

RESTORE-Together addresses isolation challenge

RESTORE-Together couldn’t have come at a more crucial time. 

Among the biggest emotional challenges, residents are facing during the pandemic is social and emotional isolation. Residents have spent months in their rooms, with day rooms and therapy gyms closed, limitations on visits,  and still no end in sight.  

A new survey of 365 nursing home residents in 36 states, conducted throughout July and August, by the non-profit Altarum Institute, shows that pandemic restrictions have affected nearly every part of residents’ lives, especially their mental health. According to the survey results, “76 percent of respondents reported that they felt lonelier under the restrictions, an unsurprising finding, given that 64 percent of respondents also indicated that they no longer even leave their rooms to socialize with other residents.”

Multiplayer, social gaming opportunities offer residents a chance to safely socialize while making therapy strides.

In our beta testing of RESTORE-Together, the feedback from therapists, patients and their family members has been overwhelmingly positive. We saw firsthand patients’ excitement for the opportunity to connect and share an experience with a loved one or friend. One patient in a Columbus, Ohio-based nursing home tripled his standing tolerance while competing in our slot machine game against his sister in Cleveland. It was a powerful moment for the patient, his sister, and the occupational therapist working with the patient.

We know that today, during the forced COVID-19 isolation, finding the motivation to practice therapy exercises is even more challenging. And residents and therapists alike are tired of the limited therapy exercises they can practice in the patient rooms. 

With RESTORE, we have seen how making therapy more fun, with patient-centered games provides a tremendous boost to motivation. RESTORE turns every patient room into a therapy gym, and now RESTORE-Together turns these same rooms into group therapy gyms.

Group activities that motivate residents with a sense of competition from the safety of their room

Breakthroughs are created when we work together. Even tennis players are not alone in a game, during the game breaks, they communicate with their coaches to get advice and release emotions. When running a marathon seeing your family cheering along the way gives you a burst of energy that will support you in the following miles. 

Just prior to the pandemic, skilled nursing facilities were providing more group and concurrent therapy sessions to comply with PDPM, the new payment system from October 2019. Therapists found that the group dynamic added a social element to therapy, similar to the motivation people receive from a workout buddy or group exercise class. Just as these sessions became more popular, therapy gyms closed.

RESTORE-Together provides nursing home staff with the ability to create a facility-wide activity. Residents now are missing the close friendships and connections that normally occur in these facilities. Thanks to Restore-Together, residents can once again safely join a social activity without leaving their rooms. The smiles on the patients’ faces trying to win a virtual air hockey game while working on transitional movements showed us the power of collaboration.

Studies show that participants are more motivated to complete a physical effort task in which they face competition from another player over one where they are rewarded for winning an overall percentage.

No doubt RESTORE-Together will be an additional source of motivation and smiles for nursing home residents, their families, and the teams working with them across the U.S.  

No special hardware is needed, RESTORE-Together offers all the benefits of RESTORE, now with the additional benefit of collaboration. Thanks to the RESTORE platform, facilities across the country can do the following from their simple laptops:

  • Turn every patient room into a therapy gym with just a laptop and a webcam
  • Employees on every level can become a skill-building superstar. 
  • Connect patients to loved ones and other therapy patients
  • Keep seniors busy, active, and engaged

Everything we do at RESTORE-Skills comes from our passion to help therapists motivate patients. We want to see every patient restore the skills they need to live a more full and independent life. 

Let’s RESTORE-Together,

Eran Arden

Improving therapy outcomes especially during COVID-19

I want to share with you positive news. On the frontlines in the battle against COVID-19 and under more public scrutiny than ever, I’m seeing nursing home professionals creatively provide therapy and engagement to patients. Patients are reaching therapy goals even in this new season of social distancing and closed therapy gyms.


Our clients are using gaming software in skilled nursing facilities so that all they need is a laptop to get patients engaged in therapy. They’re reaching higher for a slot machine level or standing up and moving side to side by playing games like Jackpot and Skiing.

  • Patients are so busy playing, they forget they’re in therapy
  • Patients are connecting with loved ones back at home, who join the therapy session right there on the app
  • Facility team members on all levels are stepping in to support therapy goals

Imagine Zoom with a Wii. That’s how I’m seeing seniors reach new goals in therapy and even get discharged home where they continue using the software – even during COVID-19. Especially during COVID-19.

RESTORE Skills is the only therapy software available with no device required outside of a laptop. We are the only player in the market that allows users to take a laptop in a room and reach therapy goals. At a time when nursing homes are even more severely understaffed and patients are isolated in their rooms, RESTORE skills turns every team member into a skill-building superstar – from activities directors, to CNAs and nurses. 

It is our goal to give as many seniors access to this transformative tool as possible.

Because across the country, many nursing home patients are missing this opportunity and most likely missing out on crucial therapy sessions while isolated in their rooms. We are offering our software at an unprecedented low price during COVID-19 so that we can help many skilled nursing facilities continue to provide cutting edge therapy even amidst a pandemic.

Let’s change the trajectory of the story of skilled nursing care in the news right now and fill it with stories of positive outcomes. Because anyone familiar with this industry knows the positive outcomes are typical, even if they’re not the story in the news. 

National Nurses Day

Celebrating Nurses by Improving Patient Outcomes

On this day and every day, all of us at RESTORE-Skills honor nurses as the healthcare heroes that they are. I see firsthand in our work with senior care facilities the demands placed on nurses. They are always on the frontlines of every patients’ battle for the best outcome possible. Perhaps during no time since World War II has this been more apparent than in the middle of our current global pandemic of COVID-19. 

This National Nurses Day my team and I are celebrating long term care nurses by improving therapy outcomes for their patients.

I’ve seen firsthand that nurses in skilled nursing facilities are among the most dedicated in the field. They get to know patients in senior care facilities over a length of time and many consider the residents like family. It takes a special soul to nurse a patient back to health at a time when there are so many compounding issues that come with aging. Sometimes the job of the nurse is to simply hold a patients’ hands and provide comfort.


Other times, it’s the job of long term care nurses to motivate their patients to get up and get moving for therapy. While they are not the therapy providers, nurses and their assistants are key players in ensuring that patients are ready and in the best mindset possible for therapy sessions.

What if we made that part of nurses’ jobs a lot easier? And in the process, we improved the outcomes for patients these nurses have come to love?

My team and I are doing just that with RESTORE-Skills. Here’s how I am seeing our skilled nursing facility clients benefit from our therapy software tool:

  • Our award-winning gamification technology makes therapy fun and engaging so that patients actually ask to play. 
  • Skilled nursing patients are actually playing therapy games right in their rooms during COVID-19 while therapy gyms are closed.
  • Every team member of skilled nursing facilities becomes a therapy skill building superstar with just a laptop and webcam.
  • Patients are staying busy, active and engaged while reaching therapy goals, breaking up these long days isolated in their rooms while eating meals by the door.


This National Nurses Day, we’re honoring these healthcare heroes by working to advance their quiet daily goal of improving each patient’s outcome. I believe in the power of this software to create positive therapy outcomes on a massive scale because we see it happen in our clients’ facilities every day. The time is now to give nurses and all dedicated employees in skilled nursing facilities a game-changing tool in their arsenal.


We want to get RESTORE Skills in the hands of every long term care facility possible. Click here to learn about our COVID-19 special offer.