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An Interview with Skilled Nursing News

We're thrilled to be featured on Skilled Nursing News today. Aaryn Crosby of Adaptive Rehab Services and our CEO, Eran Arden sat down with Skilled Nursing News to discuss the impact of RESTORE-Skills on therapy services and the unforeseen benefits in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Below, is an excerpt from the article:

By “gamifying” therapy via a hardware-agnostic platform, some providers are finding not only much greater engagement among patients and residents receiving therapy, but also the unforeseen benefit of engaging non-therapy residents and their family members under social distancing protocols set under the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Driving therapy engagement 

As a third-party therapy provider in multiple settings including post-acute and long-term care facilities, Adaptive Rehabilitation Services set out in 2019 to find a platform that would improve patient participation and garner more engagement in therapy as well as to measure functional skills and progress. Further, Adaptive wanted a solution that did not require a hardware purchase to host the platform. 

“There are a lot of products that require the user to have [a specific] device,” says Aaryn Crosby, Chief Operating Officer at Middleburg Heights, Ohio-based Adaptive Rehabilitation Services. “We were looking for something that can work on multiple systems and computers… something that could deliver functional room treatments. Many patients may not be able to come down or are nervous to come down to the gym.”

The company implemented RESTORE Skills in early 2020 and saw measured success in engagement. The platform, which can run on any web-enabled laptop with a display and a camera, provides a series of goal-oriented games that merge therapy with fun tasks that can be played with a single player or multiple players engaged on a single screen. 

With games to present to residents and patients, therapy teams soon reported that those not previously participating were increasingly using the platform and we're seeing increased functional outcomes. They were practicing more and were resisting less, which led to improved progress overall. 

“Having a truly fun and interactive therapy session versus a standard therapeutic exercise has increased engagement and mental well being by allowing patients to perform together and compete,” Crosby says. 

An unforeseen benefit: the platform serves as an activity for non-therapy residents as well. 

“We have had activity aides asking for us to train them on the program; residents’ roommates are telling them they want to try it out too,” he says.

Click here to read the full article. Interested in seeing gamification in action? Contact our team to schedule a demo and to learn how gamification can drive engagement and outcomes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Home Safety Scenarios

New “Safely Home” Game Supports Hazard Awareness

After several requests from therapists, we are so excited to launch our newest game designed to help players identify and resolve hazardous scenarios in & around their homes. "Safely Home" allows players to interact with different areas of the home in order to identify and reduce a variety of hazard risks in a fun, engaging, and meaningful way. 

Home SafetySafely Home 

Players work to recognize safety hazards they may encounter inside or outside of home. To play, move the controller to the hazard to activate solution options. Choose the best solution to resolve the safety hazard, until all hazards in the room are corrected. The player will use attention/concentration, safety recognition, problem-solving, judgment, and decision making skills to manage the hazards in the household.  The game addresses balance, activity tolerance/endurance and can be played seated, standing.


Home Safety

Adapting one’s home to accommodate the needs of seniors is vital for independence, happiness, and longevity. Therapists can launch "Safley Home" as a means to engage in important conversations with their patients, while players build upon the critical skills needed for a safe discharge. 

We love hearing from you!

We were built by therapists for therapists. In fact, our most popular game "Jackpot" was suggested to us by an OT in Colorado. Be sure to share your thoughts on the game "Safely Home", including any suggestions you have for additions to the game.

Our team is always looking to improve our existing games & create new ones to address the skills you target in your sessions. So, please don't be shy! Send your tips, fixes, or ideas to!

Follow RESTOREskills on Facebook & LinkedIn for updates on our platform, new game announcements, testimonials, tips, and much much more! To schedule an obligation free demonstration of our on-demand therapy platform with our team, please contact us at or call (330) 968-2879. We look forward to supporting your goals!


New “Stop the Spread” Game Promotes Awareness of Healthy Practices

Businesses, healthcare centers, and concerned individuals everywhere are looking for resources which reinforce the use of proper hand-washing & other health practices in response to the current COVID-19 pandemic. 

In an effort to help promote awareness for patients & residents, we’ve launched a new game designed to educate in a fun, engaging, and non-threatening manner. "Stop the Spread" combines essential health education with cognitive skill-building for attention, concentration, memory, problem-solving, & safety awareness!

Stop the SpreadStop the Spread

In this game, players work to identify and match the health tip on each card. Move the controller over the cards to flip over and reveal the healthy practice on the card. Test your memory by finding all of the matches as fast as you can!  Therapists & Care Partners can change from the memory to matching setting to directly match a card to the image in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. A wonderful game to target recall, scanning, problem-solving, functional reach, and crossing the midline.

Stop the Spread


Play anytime, anywhere! 

With 90% of therapy treatment sessions being delivered in resident rooms, now is the time to take advantage of RESTORE's portability.

Team members can simply bring their laptops to the resident's room to address functional skills and review best health practices by playing Stop the Spread. Use the games cards as prompts for conversation to help with health education. 

  • Tip: Devices can be used on a bedside table or stand to accommodate patients whether they’re lying in bed, sitting on the edge of the bed, sitting in a chair, or standing. 

Be sure to follow our blog for more tips & examples of how you can set up a meaningful skill-building session right in the resident’s room! 

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AVOID the Health Risks of COVID-19 Isolation

Now, more than ever, it is imperative to keep your residents active, happy, and healthy! In this series of posts, we will discuss the challenges & health risks that may arise due to patient isolation and restricted visitation in the wake of COVID-19

We know your first priority is the health, safety, and well-being of everyone in your community. During this time, we want you to know we’re here for you! RESTORE can help mitigate the physical, cognitive, and psychosocial risks involved with social isolation.


Physical Health Risks COVID-19Physical Risks

  • Skeletal muscle strength can decrease up to 1.5% per day of bed rest → Skill-building with RESTORE can occur bedside in the patients’ room (and may be used by multiple team members simultaneously)
  • Heightened risk of falls with fractureOur games support functional mobility, range of motion, coordination, balance, & activity tolerance
  • Increased risk for skin breakdown & pressure soresFUNctional games turn every patients’ room into a skill-building gym 


Cognitive Health Risks COVID-19Cognitive Risks

  • Seniors who suffer from social isolation have a 64% higher risk of dementia → RESTORE helps dementia patients reach their best abilities
  • Potential for a shortened attention span → Games promote cognitive skill-building with attention, concentration, memory, problem-solving, & safety awareness
  • Loss of trust and self-confidence or decreased safety awareness → Players succeed with patient-centered activities individualized to their cognitive level


Cognitive Health Risks COVID-19

Psychosocial Risks

  • Increased prevalence of anxiety, depression, & unwanted behaviors → Features include leaderboards so players can compare their game scores with others
  • Heightened sense of loneliness, social isolation → Friends & family can be included during a RESTORE session via video conference with screen sharing
  • Increased thoughts of mortality → RESTORE creates an opportunity for meaningful interaction, encouragement, & education


How We Can Help! 

Players can experience the FUN of virtually pulling a slot machine handle to win a jackpot, skiing down the slopes of a world cup race, or controlling the flight path of a plane from the comfort and safety of their room. Enhance your own devices and take advantage of RESTORE’s portability to keep residents active, happy, and healthy from the comfort of their room. 

To help you overcome these challenges, we’ve decided to dramatically reduce the cost of our platform. Now your residents and team members can enjoy RESTORE and connect family members at a special monthly cost.

3-MONTH SPECIAL OFFER*: $199/month (MSRP $495)

*Special offer grants three-month access to a limited version of RESTORE-Skills. Valid until 03/31/2020.

For more details click here or if you have any questions or would like to learn more about our special offer, please email us at 

McKnight's Long-Term News logo

RESTORE in McKnight’s Long-Term Care News

We're honored & excited to be featured on McKnight's Long-Term Care News today. McKnight’s is a business news magazine serving the institutional long-term care field. They especially focus on news in the high-acuity skilled nursing setting. Below, is an excerpt from the article:

RESTORE Skills has launched an interactive software product for adult rehabilitation patients that uses any webcam-equipped, Wi-Fi-enabled device as a therapy tool in the gym, at the bedside or at home post-discharge.

Our technology — the first to offer this level of mobility — provides a scalable platform to help skilled nursing organizations and therapy practitioners deliver positive rehab,” said Eran Arden, RESTORE’s founder and CEO. “At a time when therapy protocols are shifting, RESTORE enables the creation of more practice opportunities, the collection of meaningful data, and the design of therapy protocols according to a patient’s progress”

Long-term care patients & staff enjoy RESTORE

Follow the link to McKnight's to read the article and learn how we're bringing the power of gamification to skill-building in therapy and beyond. 🚀 We're happy to see the news of our technology spreading throughout the industry. If you enjoyed this article, be sure to share it with a colleague or friend!

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fun group therapy

Can You Participate in 2 Group Sessions at the Same Time?

To wrap up this series of posts, I’m happy to share one more joyful moment from my trip to our MA facilities last month. If you have yet to read my other posts about great customer experiences, you can find them here, but now I am thrilled to share a fun group therapy story with you.

Meeting Diane

This time, we’re back to Cedar View Rehab! On this day, the therapy team had every patient participate in some epic group play. Here I met Diane, RESTORE’s #1 fan, who blew me away when she participated in two group sessions back-to-back! It was truly a delight to see her so eager to engage.

For their group session, the therapists split people into two playing groups. Each station was set up to play Ski Saga where players worked on weight shifting, trunk rotation, squatting, strengthening, and standing tolerance. It was great to see the variety of exercises and controllers used to enhance the session. The whole room was full of excitement players took turns “skiing” to reach their therapy goals.

The RESTORE Difference

In her first session, Diane used a dowel rod to work on standing trunk rotation and upper extremity strengthening. Still energized after soaring through her first session, she joined my group where she practiced weight-shifting, squatting, and balance. Even when a therapist told Diane, “you can take a break and sit down if you’d like” she continued to play, pushing herself to complete each task. 

When she finally agreed to take a break, I showed Diane her playing time.  The smile on her face was undeniable when she realized she played for over 20 minutes! “I feel great,” she said, “I was having so much fun, I didn’t even realize I was playing so long!” The room buzzed with happiness from the fun and everyone seemed to have a better day because of it.

Do you have any fun stories from a RESTORE group play session? Tell me about it by sending an email with your story and a few of your favorite pictures. We can’t wait to share the smiles from all our users! 

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Announcing Our RESTORE Halloween Photo Contest 🎃






October 28th through November 1st, we’re running a RESTORE Halloween Photo Contest! To enter, simply send us a photo of your therapy team & patients playing our one of our SPOOKTACULAR Single Play games. The top 2 photo submissions will receive a Sweet Treat Basket!

Ready, Set, Scare:

  • The photo must feature a therapist, care partner, and/or patient playing one of the Halloween themed Single Play games
  • Be sure to include your name, your patient’s name, & the facility name with your photo
  • Sign & submit this waiver for each person featured in the photo
  • Submissions will be accepted via email and text message (234) 303-0723
  • The two (2) winners will be informed on Tuesday, November 5th

So, throw on your costume, turn up the Monster Mash, & host your own RESTORE Halloween Party! May the best ghoul win 👻

-- the RESTORE Team

“Take Flight” with Our New Reaction-Testing Game

Our newest RESTORE activity takes players out of the therapy gym and into the blue skies above…at least virtually! You will facilitate greater engagement while supporting residents as they practice to improve their reaction time

To play Take Flight, patients navigate their plane side to side or up and down through the obstacles on the screen! The speed continues to increase until the player either (1) crashes their plane 🔥 or (2) manually ends the game. Keep track to see who can get the highest score!

Why Play?

Each of our games is designed to increase skill practice while improving function and Take Flight is no exception! Add this game to a player’s session to:

  • Improve reaction & response time
  • Increase stability & standing tolerance
  • Target visual perceptual & scanning skills
  • Maintain required proper postural alignment to increase endurance & independence with tasks by strengthening the upper extremities. 

This game is ideal for concurrent or group therapy settings! Want to see who can clear the most obstacles? Improve patient socialization skills with a little friendly competition by encouraging 2 or more residents to play at the same time. Motivate skill practice and track user’s daily progress by adding Take Flight to your next session.

Follow the RESTORE blog for updates on industry news, PDPM, platform upgrades, new game announcements, user experience, and much much more! To schedule an obligation free demonstration of our on-demand therapy platform with our team, please contact us at or call (234) 303-0723. We look forward to supporting your goals!

It’s fun to go to the OHCA!

Spring is officially here (even if it doesn’t feel like it) and we officially have Spring Fever! And in the SNF industry, Spring Fever = Conference Fever! As previously announced, our team will be present at the AOTA Conference April 3-6, 2019.  You can read more about those conference details here. While we love a chance to network on a national stage – we are thrilled for the opportunity to connect with professionals in our own backyard! Next month, our team heads to the 2019 OHCA Conference & Expo in Columbus. We’re eager for this chance to share the newest RESTORE innovations and network with Ohio’s skilled nursing community. 

  • 2019 OHCA Annual Conference & Expo
  • April 29 – May 2, 2019
  • The Columbus Convention Center
    400 N High St, Columbus, OH 43215

RESTORE, the online, skill-building platform, empowers patients in physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about our OT-developed platform. Stop by Booth #1042 – where we will be offering platform demos and answering your questions. Come give our activities a try or just to say hi! We look forward to learning how we can help you meet and exceed your goals under PDPM.

Not attending the conference this year? Don’t worry! Schedule an obligation-free RESTORE demonstration with our team anytime, just email or call (234) 303-0723. We look forward to supporting your goals!

See ya there!

Sequencing Activities of Daily Living

The ability to perform Activities of Daily Living is dependent upon cognitive, motor, and perceptual skills. There is also the critical distinction of a patient's ability to complete a task (physical and cognitive ability) versus the ability to recognize the job that needs to be done without prompting (cognitive ability). Each ADL and IADL involves a series of steps that are performed together in a specific sequence, without first mastering the proper sequence, it’s hard to complete these tasks correctly. As such, to accelerate practice and help patients establish an understanding of ADLs, we've created the game Sequence It!

Why Play?

  • Target & evaluate motor planning skills
  • Maintain required proper postural alignment to increase endurance & strengthen upper extremities.
  • Improve working memory skills


We love receiving feedback from our users about the game, along with their ideas for which sequencing activities to include next.

Based on our suggestions, we've added a new task for your patients to practice. The latest Sequence It! the job, Making Dinner - Soup, asks players to select the correct sequence of events using the six cards on the screen.  As you can see, the player will correctly order the six (6) actions listed in the cards: (1) open can; (2) put the soup in pan; (3) warm on the stove; (4) serve; (5) eat with a spoon; (6) clean up!

We all know the saying, “don’t put your shoes on before your socks”...

Well, how about the correct sequence for grocery shopping, brushing your teeth, or making a doctor’s appointment? A highly useful strategy to guide patients in the sequential performance of ADLs and IADLs includes breaking down the task into smaller steps.  Sequence It! is designed to help your patients (and you) work through everyday daily tasks while further developing motor skills, planning, comprehension, reasoning.

Sequence It! features three different tasks to choose from grocery shopping, making a doctor’s appointment, and brushing your teeth, allowing players can practice these skills and monitor their daily progress in a fun and engaging environment.  Players need to select the correct sequence of events using the 4-5 images and words on the screen.

Adding this game to your players' sessions will promote the understanding of sequencing activities and encourage confidence when practicing ADLs. So, put away your box of flash cards, grab a red, green, or blue object & add Sequence It! to your patient's next session.

Follow the RESTORE blog for updates on industry news, PDPM, platform upgrades, new game announcements, user experience, and much much more! To schedule a obligation free demonstration of our on-demand therapy platform with our team, please contact us at or call (330) 968-2879. We look forward to supporting your goals!