RESTORE Air Hockey

New RESTORE-Skills Game: Air Hockey

🚨 Hey, RESTORE fans. We're thrilled to announce the launch of our latest game: Air Hockey! 🚨

Air Hockey is more than just a fun and challenging game. It offers fantastic benefits for individuals working on sit-to-stand or functional reach skills. To succeed, players must maintain a stable and balanced stance while stretching to hit the puck. This movement pattern will help to improve coordination, balance, and overall mobility, making it an excellent addition to any therapy routine.

In addition to the physical benefits, Air Hockey is also an excellent tool for combating social isolation. Individuals can play against each other, encouraging social interaction and communication. It's truly a great way to connect with others and foster a sense of community. This virtual spin on a classic game is the perfect activity for 1:1 therapy sessions, group activities, or as a fun game to play with family during visitation.

The fast-paced gameplay will keep your residents motivated. With its realistic physics and adjustable difficulty levels, the game can be tailored to each player's skill level. Such customization provides a rewarding experience for all participants. Whether you want to improve hand-eye coordination or find a fun way to socialize, Air Hockey is an excellent choice. We are confident that this new game will become a favorite among RESTORE-Skills users and provide an engaging and valuable experience for residents and members alike.

Got questions? Leave a comment, and our Clinical Success team members won't leave you on ice! See what we did there? They will move to answer your question speedily. Thanks for being such a significant part of our community!

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