Trivia Night: The Ultimate Cognitive Workout for Unleashing Brain Power

Are you searching for a fun and engaging method to promote cognitive and physical wellness in your community? Look no further than Trivia Night, the hottest new game just launched by RESTORE-Skills, a gamification platform that engages individuals and encourages group activities, expanding the range of programming concepts available to Activities Directors for Assisted & Independent Living community residents and patients in Skilled Nursing Facilities.

Can a Trivia Game Really Be Used For Therapy Skill-Building?

By design, Trivia Night challenges memory, attention, and cognition, while providing an enjoyable experience. Beyond being a game, Trivia Night also adapts to players' needs, promoting cognitive and physical wellness by:

  • Strengthening upper extremities

  • Boosting recall and multi-step directions

  • Improving standing tolerance and balance

  • Amplifying the fun for more engagement

Whether playing one-on-one with a therapist or in a group, this game is a perfect way to show off intelligence and compete against others!

How Can Activities Directors Utilize Trivia Night?

Trivia Night is more than an innovative therapy tool; it's a way to unite your community!  This game is a bonding experience, where people can come together in groups, shout out answers, and be competitive, all while having fun. With Trivia Night, residents will be challenged with questions that cover a wide range of topics from the categories of General Knowledge, Finish the Lyrics and TV Shows, with more categories being added. Residents will have to think quickly, recall information, and move their bodies as they race to answer as many questions as possible. When residents have fun, they're more likely to engage and gain the most from the activity. Trivia Night can help combat feelings of:

  • Isolation

  • Boredom

  • Depression

Here’s a chance to truly transform how residents receive care all while enhancing outcomes and streamlining workflow with RESTORE’s innovative platform. Click Here to schedule a RESTORE-Skills demo and experience the power of therapy and skills-building when partnered with cutting-edge technology. 

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