AVOID the Health Risks of COVID-19 Isolation

Now, more than ever, it is imperative to keep your residents active, happy, and healthy! In this series of posts, we will discuss the challenges & health risks that may arise due to patient isolation and restricted visitation in the wake of COVID-19

We know your first priority is the health, safety, and well-being of everyone in your community. During this time, we want you to know we’re here for you! RESTORE can help mitigate the physical, cognitive, and psychosocial risks involved with social isolation.


Physical Health Risks COVID-19Physical Risks

  • Skeletal muscle strength can decrease up to 1.5% per day of bed rest → Skill-building with RESTORE can occur bedside in the patients’ room (and may be used by multiple team members simultaneously)
  • Heightened risk of falls with fractureOur games support functional mobility, range of motion, coordination, balance, & activity tolerance
  • Increased risk for skin breakdown & pressure soresFUNctional games turn every patients’ room into a skill-building gym 


Cognitive Health Risks COVID-19Cognitive Risks

  • Seniors who suffer from social isolation have a 64% higher risk of dementia → RESTORE helps dementia patients reach their best abilities
  • Potential for a shortened attention span → Games promote cognitive skill-building with attention, concentration, memory, problem-solving, & safety awareness
  • Loss of trust and self-confidence or decreased safety awareness → Players succeed with patient-centered activities individualized to their cognitive level


Cognitive Health Risks COVID-19

Psychosocial Risks

  • Increased prevalence of anxiety, depression, & unwanted behaviors → Features include leaderboards so players can compare their game scores with others
  • Heightened sense of loneliness, social isolation → Friends & family can be included during a RESTORE session via video conference with screen sharing
  • Increased thoughts of mortality → RESTORE creates an opportunity for meaningful interaction, encouragement, & education


How We Can Help! 

Players can experience the FUN of virtually pulling a slot machine handle to win a jackpot, skiing down the slopes of a world cup race, or controlling the flight path of a plane from the comfort and safety of their room. Enhance your own devices and take advantage of RESTORE’s portability to keep residents active, happy, and healthy from the comfort of their room. 

To help you overcome these challenges, we’ve decided to dramatically reduce the cost of our platform. Now your residents and team members can enjoy RESTORE and connect family members at a special monthly cost.

3-MONTH SPECIAL OFFER*: $199/month (MSRP $495)

*Special offer grants three-month access to a limited version of RESTORE-Skills. Valid until 03/31/2020.

For more details click here or if you have any questions or would like to learn more about our special offer, please email us at 

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