Using RESTORE Trivia to Safely Discharge to Home

Stephanie Staudigel, one of our users from Summit Home Health, recently showcased the incredible potential of Discharge to Home Trivia. She used it to empower her patient with vital home safety awareness, ensuring they felt confident in their home environment.

🏠 An essential tool for a safe and smooth transition to home 

Comprehensive Safety Awareness: The game covers a wide range of topics related to safety at home. Questions like, "What are the safest ways for your caregivers to transfer you from one place to another?" and "Why should you have a non-slip bath mat or adhesive strips in your shower or bathtub?" address critical safety concerns.

Empowering Residents: Discharge to Home Trivia empowers residents by equipping them with the knowledge and awareness they need to navigate their homes safely. It fosters independence and confidence.

Engaging Learning: Learning through a game is far more exciting and memorable than traditional methods. Residents are actively involved, making the educational process enjoyable and effective.

Covering Essential Topics: The game covers a wide range of topics, from preventing falls to ensuring proper hydration and medication management. Each question provides valuable insights into key aspects of home safety.

Supporting Caregivers: Caregivers also benefit from the game, as it reinforces the importance of safe transfer techniques, proper wheelchair maintenance, and other essential skills required to provide excellent care.

Unlocking the Benefits for Your Residents

Regular Game Sessions: Incorporate Discharge to Home Trivia into your residents' routine. Regular sessions can reinforce safety awareness and keep residents engaged.

Encourage Participation: Create a supportive and inclusive environment where residents feel encouraged to participate. You can even organize friendly competitions to make learning fun.

Tailor the Experience: Work with residents on new questions addressing their needs and concerns. This personalized approach ensures that residents receive the most relevant information.

Follow-Up and Application: Encourage residents to apply what they've learned daily after playing the game. This practical approach reinforces safety habits.

Promote Open Dialogue: Foster open discussions about home safety. Prompt residents to share their concerns and questions, creating a collaborative learning atmosphere.

Discharge to Home Trivia isn't just a game. Stephanie's success story is a testament to its effectiveness. Incorporating this valuable resource into your residents' discharge preparations will give them the knowledge and confidence they need to enjoy a safe and successful transition.

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