Group & Concurrent Solutions: Tackling Therapy Challenges

RESTORE is a versatile tool for group and concurrent therapy in skilled nursing facilities and senior care, offering resources like cardiovascular exercise videos, cognitive therapy, and functional movement interventions to effectively target functional skills.

The Advantages of Group Therapy: Group therapy involves treating multiple patients simultaneously in a group setting. 

  1. Social Interaction: Group therapy facilitates social connections, addressing potential feelings of isolation among seniors.

  2. Shared Experience: Seniors can bond over mutual experiences, learning from each other's journeys.

  3. Cognitive Stimulation: Engaging in activities and discussions promotes mental activity.

  4. Skill Building: Group sessions can target specific skills, from mobility to cognition.

  5. Cost-Effectiveness: Serving multiple participants can be economical without sacrificing quality.

The Power of Concurrent Therapy:
Concurrent therapy often refers to delivering rehabilitation services to two patients simultaneously when the patients are not performing the same or similar activities.

  1. Increased Efficiency: Concurrent therapy allows therapists to serve two patients simultaneously, optimizing their session time.

  2. Motivation through Observation: Witnessing a peer's engagement can drive motivation.

  3. Customized Activities: Each individual takes part in activities tailored to their needs.

  4. Safety is Prioritized: The proper measures ensure all participants are secure and well-tended.

RESTORE introduces a game menu crafted for both group and concurrent therapy. This feature is pivotal for:

  • Directed Game Selection: The platform refers users to games ideal for the selected therapy type.

  • Active Engagement: These games are more than just pastimes; they aim to enhance functional skills.

  • Measurable Progress: Track improvements and gains made during each session.


When powered by RESTORE, group and concurrent therapies offer a direct approach to improving functional skills. Explore our platform, use our specialized game menu, and witness the tangible progress in therapeutic outcomes.

Click Here to schedule a RESTORE-Skills demo and experience a facility-wide commitment to skill building. 

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