Skill-Building with Anything Red, Green, or Blue πŸ”΄πŸŸ’πŸ”΅

Now, more than ever, health professionals and providers are turning to technology to support patients. Skill-building can happen anywhere, anytime, while having fun! We can support you in keeping patients active, happy, and healthy.Β 


Part of what makes RESTORE so unique and adaptable is how we can turn any round red, green, or blue object into a game controller. Our innovative technology uses color-tracking so you can assist, support, guide, and play alongside your patients without interrupting their experience! All you need to get started are a few ball-shaped objects that are red, green, or blue. We recommend using objects like Play-Doh, gloves, cups, socks, or a loofa. Larger objects, like an exercise or medicine ball, work best for focusing on gross motor skills. Use something small, like a dry erase marker, to target fine-motor skills such as grip and grasp. You can also attach wrist/ankle weights to the player or calibrate free weights as a controller for added resistance & strength training. The tips should help you & your patients have an excellent experience:

Playing Tips & Tricks!

  • Get close, but not too close: Set the player 1 to 3-feet away from the camera. If playing with a larger object, try positioning them 4-6 feet away.
  • Endless Possibilities: Stickers, stress balls, free weights, or therabands! The sky’s the limit when it comes to finding objects in your gym/center that can be used to play RESTORE games.
  • Show the Camera What You’ve Got:Β When playing, the color of your object must be pronounced & visible to the camera at all times in order to track. Avoid turning down your wrist or covering controllers with your hands.

We love to hear from our users, so send us a picture of your players or team with their most unique controllers. We’re excited for your creativity to start flowing and for you to discover the unlimited potential of the objects you can track with RESTORE!

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Follow RESTOREskills on Facebook & LinkedIn for updates on our platform, new game announcements, testimonials, tips, and much much more! To schedule an obligation free demonstration of our on-demand therapy platform with our team, please contact us at or call (330) 968-2879. We look forward to supporting your goals!

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