moving and smiling

Get Residents Moving AND Smiling!

During the current COVID-19 outbreak, finding fun ways to keep residents moving and smiling can be a challenge. But, with just a laptop & a simple controller, you can have a dynamic therapy session anywhere! 

An Innovative Option

Contrived treatment approaches, like puzzles, pegboards, or batting balloons, lack the element of FUN, which can limit someone's ability to reach their goals. However, gamifying therapeutic exercise can improve engagement and enjoyment. Our online games keep residents active and happy, in the gym or their room. In fact, one of my favorite stories came from a speech therapist who was a RESTORE Champion for her center. She won over a resident after he expressed that he didn't want to leave his room or participate in therapy. After talking with him, she brought in her laptop and played a video of someone using RESTORE. She explained the functionality of games, how to play, and gain agreement. In the end, they completed a fun AND meaningful 30-minute session in his room.  The therapist thought out of the box and created an experience both they enjoyed. It was amazing to hear about!

Below are a few tips for how you can create a motivating and exciting therapy session right in the patient's room.

  • Become a RESTORE Rockstar: If you're not confident with RESTORE, it can become a barrier to patient engagement. Take a few minutes each day to explore the platform to learn the games & functionality. 
  • Tap Into Your Inner Coach (And Cheerleader): Demonstrate the actions & tasks you want your patient to achieve and assure them you are there for support!
  • Share the Fun with a Family Member: For added support, loved ones can use teleconferencing to join Fun of the RESTORE session.

moving and smiling

The RESTORE Difference

Whether you'd like to make activities more accessible or more challenging for your players, then the Settings button is full of fantastic customizability. Each game has unique settings options that you can adjust to meet the player's interests and needs. Our users are active in over 200 healthcare centers and nursing homes throughout the country. We've seen players of all cognitive and physical levels have fun, work towards their goals, and find success. A meaningful skill-building session can genuinely happen anywhere, anytime!

To get your residents moving and smiling now, click here & learn about our COVID-19 Special Offer!

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