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Engage Isolated Residents of All Levels

Engaging isolated residents with moderate to severe cognitive impairments during the current COVID-19 outbreak can be challenging. However, with just a laptop & a simple ball, you can have a fun and dynamic therapy session right at their bedside! RESTORE games can be enjoyed by players of any level. We find that therapists experience the most success when they match the game with the player’s history or hobbies. To help gain agreement and make your treatment approach meaningful, begin the RESTORE session with asking the player about their life and interests. Prioritize engagement, reminiscing, and communication over playing. 

RESTORE is meant to be a compliment to your treatment session and not by itself there to treat your patient. One challenge you might encounter is that a goal-directed player understands the activity they are to perform, but may not want to participate for fear of failure. Therapists can quell this fear by grading activities/settings to player ability so they can succeed and be challenged. Below are some tips to help you successfully engage a player with moderate to severe cognitive impairment:

Playing Tips & Tricks!

  • Give strong consideration to your environment: Identify an environment with limited distractions based on noise, congestion/traffic, lighting, etc.
  • Take the Time: Allow extra time for player to respond to directions/commands
  • Distinguish between limitations: Don’t allow a player’s physical limitations to interfere with your assessment of their cognitive function

engaging players of all levels

When playing your first session, to take time to see if the player can correct mistakes or improve after gaining understanding - but avoid the player getting discouraged or frustrated whenever possible! We hope this post encouraged you to try something new with your residents today. Our fun, engaging, and meaningful games are meant for everyone to enjoy, so open your laptop, grab a controller, and watch the magic of a RESTORE session unfold!

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