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Motivate Residents to be Active in Their Rooms!

Motivating resients isolated in their room can be a struggle. This fun upper body activity is a favorite among all of our players. Bring the excitement of the casino to your patient’s room to boost engagement AND practice UE strengthening! All you need is a laptop and a rounded object for the player to experience the fun of a virtual slot machine.

In the game "Jackpot", players pull the handle to try and win big! They can engage with the game while standing, seated, or even lying in their bed to target AROM, crossing midline, and functional reach. Below are some great tips to help you engage a player in the room with our #1 game "Jackpot"!

Playing Tips & Tricks!

  • Get the Most from the Capture Settings: Range of motion & camera capture options can be adjusted to a large, medium, or small semi-circle for players seated or lying in bed.
  • Increase the Challenge: Attach wrist weights to the player or calibrate free weights as a controller for added resistance & strength training!
  • Players Can Win...Really! If a player pulls a rare "Triple WILD" jackpot, let us know, and we'll send them RESTORE a t-shirt.

Engaging Activities Anywhere

With more therapy sessions happening in the room, motivate residents and offer a distraction from environmental barriers and psychosocial factors. Play "Jackpot" with a resident to help them forget about their discomfort, loneliness, or anxiety. We hope you’ll follow these tips for an exciting and innovative therapy session.

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