Sequencing Activities of Daily Living

The ability to perform Activities of Daily Living is dependent upon cognitive, motor, and perceptual skills. There is also the critical distinction of a patient's ability to complete a task (physical and cognitive ability) versus the ability to recognize the job that needs to be done without prompting (cognitive ability). Each ADL and IADL involves a series of steps that are performed together in a specific sequence, without first mastering the proper sequence, it’s hard to complete these tasks correctly. As such, to accelerate practice and help patients establish an understanding of ADLs, we've created the game Sequence It!

Why Play?

  • Target & evaluate motor planning skills
  • Maintain required proper postural alignment to increase endurance & strengthen upper extremities.
  • Improve working memory skills


We love receiving feedback from our users about the game, along with their ideas for which sequencing activities to include next.

Based on our suggestions, we've added a new task for your patients to practice. The latest Sequence It! the job, Making Dinner - Soup, asks players to select the correct sequence of events using the six cards on the screen.  As you can see, the player will correctly order the six (6) actions listed in the cards: (1) open can; (2) put the soup in pan; (3) warm on the stove; (4) serve; (5) eat with a spoon; (6) clean up!

We all know the saying, “don’t put your shoes on before your socks”...

Well, how about the correct sequence for grocery shopping, brushing your teeth, or making a doctor’s appointment? A highly useful strategy to guide patients in the sequential performance of ADLs and IADLs includes breaking down the task into smaller steps.  Sequence It! is designed to help your patients (and you) work through everyday daily tasks while further developing motor skills, planning, comprehension, reasoning.

Sequence It! features three different tasks to choose from grocery shopping, making a doctor’s appointment, and brushing your teeth, allowing players can practice these skills and monitor their daily progress in a fun and engaging environment.  Players need to select the correct sequence of events using the 4-5 images and words on the screen.

Adding this game to your players' sessions will promote the understanding of sequencing activities and encourage confidence when practicing ADLs. So, put away your box of flash cards, grab a red, green, or blue object & add Sequence It! to your patient's next session.

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