Mo Money, Less Problems

Who doesn’t like money?! Our guess is no one! And while money doesn’t grow on trees, you’ll find no shortage of the green stuff in our newest game Money Mania!  Our newest game requires players to complete a variety of rehab-driven tasks involving money ranging from the basic matching of bills to the collecting bills in order to reach a specified amount. Each activity has 4 levels that increase with difficulty as they are played through. To select a bill, players use the hand to hover over the bill of their choice.

  • Matching: Collect all of the bills that match the requested one in the instructions
  • Sequencing: Collect the bills and arrange them in ascending value. Check your answer or use "reset" to start over
  • Totaling: Collect the bill/s that total closest to the dollar up cost of the given amount

Like most of our games, Money Mania! allows players to practice both cognitive and motor skills. As they work through the various tasks involving money - encourage your patients to play with one or two hands together while sitting to expand the range of motion, strengthen their upper extremities, or cross the mid-line. Players can also practice standing, with or without support, to target balance and endurance.

How will you incorporate Money Mania! into your player's next therapy session? Let us know in the comments!

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