New Activity to Practice Medication Management!

The practice of cognitive skills, like executive function, is essential for patients to build and retain the IADLs they need to be independent. One such skill that patients must demonstrate competence in is the management of their prescription medication. But finding new and innovative ways to exercise these skills can, at times, present a challenge. 

Medication Management

Did you know that 87% of seniors take at least one prescription drug, with 36% taking 5 or more?

Sure, seniors can use Alexa to set medication reminders, but can they place the correct dosage in their pill organizer? Can they identify which pill is which? Staying organized is essential to proper medication management for seniors. And, using a pill organizer allows patients to pre-sort their medications for the week.

Extending Practice

The new RESTORE game, Pill Skill, is designed to help individuals manage their medications, so they take them on time, all the time, and avoid the dangers of incorrect medication administration. 

Pill Skill, allows players to practice this task repeatedly in a fun, positive environment. To play, your patient will first, read or listen to the instructions for their prescription/s. Then, they will determine if they are to take the medication in the AM or PM. Finally, they will select the pill, choose the correct quantity, and drag it to the appropriate side and day/s in the pill organizer.

Why Play?

  • Improve patient use & administration of medications
  • Increase the percentage of patients meeting their health care goals
  • Reduce side effects & duplication, as well as drug interactions, of all medication

Review Daily Progress to learn if patients can: 

  • Read and understand dosing instructions
  • Follow dosing instructions
  • Demonstrate the necessary motoric skills for organizing & taking medications

Each time your patient plays, the game will begin with the last level they completed. As they continue to practice, the tasks increase with difficulty, giving players a constant challenge. Encourage practice and track player’s daily progress by playing Pill Skill in your next session.

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