More Opportunities for Practice!

Because we know that providing unique opportunities for repeated skill practice in a fun, positive environment improves mood and function, we added *three (3) more games* to the RESTORE platform. More games = more opportunities for meaningful skill-building & practice! 

What’s New?

Each of the following games can be used to target an array of skills, in a variety of positions for the just-right-fit!


Break all of the ice bricks! In this game, the player moves a paddle left and right along the bottom of the screen. Break all the blocks on the screen by bouncing the ball off the paddle. If the ball falls off the bottom of the screen, you lose a life. Some bricks release power-ups when broken - make sure you catch them and use them to break more ice! Skills: This game aims to improve accuracy, awareness, stability, motor regulation, planning, and midline crossing. Use two controllers to focus on bilateral coordination.  

  • Play with one or two controllers (attached or separated).
  • Recommended playing with a controller attached to the hand, head, chest or finger.
  • Change the range of motion based on the amount of movement desired for the player.


Control the bridge/s over the water to line up to the ladybugs to help them cross the river. Don’t let the fly’s cross! Stars and hearts are bonuses! Skills: This game aims to improve accuracy, efficiency, and attention. Ideal for targeting motor control and inhibition. Use two controllers to focus on bilateral coordination.

  • It can be played with 1 or 2 controllers (attached or separated).
  • Recommended playing with controllers attached to hands, knees or chest. Use weights and tilt camera up to work on shoulder press motion.
  • Attach to knee/s to work on weight shifting and balance. Attach to the chest and have the player step up and down on a step or into a squat position to reach the top and bottom of the river.
  • See the settings below for the specific skills/areas you can target including vertical and horizontal movement (Movement direction), visual tracking starting on the right, left or both sides (Bugs Appear From) and the number of bridges to control vertically (Number of Rivers to Cross).


Help the surfer move to avoid hitting obstacles in their path. Play with one controller and move your body up, down, and side to side to collect coins and avoid obstacles. Skills: Ideal for improving balance, range-of-motion, and motor planning & timing.  

  • Play with one controller.
  • Recommended playing with controllers attached to hands, knees or chest
  • Tilt camera up to target lower extremities.
  • Incorporate a “real “ space board for your patient to stand on when playing, using a step or stool.

Add one or all of these games to a player’s session to encourage practice and track player’s daily progress! Don't have access to the platform? No problem, give us a call or email us! 

Follow the RESTORE blog for updates on industry news, PDPM, platform upgrades, new game announcements, user experience, and much much more! To schedule an obligation free demonstration of our on-demand therapy platform with our team, please contact us at or call (234) 303-0723. We look forward to supporting your goals!

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