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Meet the Team: Karin

Everything we do here is to support of our goal of creating enhanced experiences for your team, your patients, and their loved ones. In earlier posts, we heard stories from players who had meaningful experiences with therapeutic gamification. But in this next series, we’ll hear from a few of our team members about their favorite moments over the last year! In this post you’ll meet Karin, a senior game developer and graphic designer in our Tel Aviv office.

This fall, I had the chance to travel to NYC to work with our U.S. team. While there, I was able to visit numerous facilities that use the RESTORE platform. I learned a great deal while talking to the staff, therapists, and residents and hearing the insightful ideas they shared with me. It was so exciting to see firsthand how patients love and appreciate our product. Here is one special experience from the trip I’d like to share:

The day of our visit, I observed a therapy session between a therapist and patient who was not feeling great.  She told us she was feeling off and said she didn’t want to stand at all. The therapist said that was okay and she sat and eagerly watched another patient play the game Jackpot (which I developed) and waited for her turn.

The RESTORE Difference

When her turn came, she immediately knew she wanted to play that same game. It was like suddenly forgot her discomfort and agreed to play the game for a couple of minutes while standing! For me, as the game developer, it was amazing to see how something I created help a patient who earlier refused to stand to go on and have fun with her therapy. After she finished playing, she continued to say how beautiful and fun that slot machine was! It moved me to know that something I designed and developed could have that great of an impact on people.

I hope this made you smile like it made me. It’s a story I will carry in my heart as I build more games that create meaningful experiences for all of you and your patients. It’s an honor to know that my day to day job is to make therapy more fun and enjoyable for patients. I look forward to a brighter future where joy, gaming, and therapy are intertwined. 

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