eCap Summit 2020: The ReCap!

Every conference feels like a marathon, and eCap Summit 2020 was no exception! The RESTORE team had a fantastic time networking, connecting with operators, and showcasing our cutting-edge platform to industry leaders. As our Founder & CEO, Eran Arden said of this year’s energetic and impactful event, “we met more potential partners and clients in two days than in the past six months combined! What an amazing experience! Thank you, Hersch Krohner, Joe Stefansky, Norman Rokeach, and Barry Munk for making this happen.” 

Friendly Competition

It was exciting to bring the fun and energy of the RESTORE experience to eCap this year! It was awesome to see operators and leaders enjoying the next-generation patient experience as much as our players do every day in our partner centers. eCap goers enjoyed an amped-up version of our game Ski Saga complete with a Miami theme & increased difficulty for our participants as they competed to be on the top of the leaderboard. 🌴 We also hosted a raffle for those who participated in the ski challenge and were able to give one lucky winner a 2-night ski trip in Vermont. Most noteworthy was seeing so many attendees have fun and push themselves to try an innovative tool!

Emerging Technologies Startup Tank

One final stand out moment from eCap was the Emerging Technologies Startup Tank competition. Organized by the Israel-American Aging Technology Association Founder Eran Arden & eCap leaders, the startup tank offered a great opportunity to all who participated. “With RESTORE, it took me a year in the U.S. to understand what I didn’t know and how different the market is here.” For that reason, Eran told the audience, “I founded IAATA to help Israeli startup leaders shortcut their learning curve.”

The competition had three leaders from innovative Israel startups participate in the pitch: Keren Etkin (Clanz), Iftach Cohen (Zero Energy), and our own Eran Arden (RESTORE-Skills). Weighing in with questions, tips, and expertise were the four amazing “sharks”! Big thanks to Barry Munk (Marquis Health Services), Vincent Fedele (Zimmet Healthcare Services Group), Ben Shibe (Cascade Capital), and Seth Gribetz (Walnut Court Capital). Each participant showcased an exciting technology and walked away, thankful for the invaluable insights into the industry and American market given by the judges. 

Another incredible event put on by the eCap Summit this year! The hosts created a great atmosphere for networking and hard work, along with entertainment and the chance to enjoy games, meals, and presentations.

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McKnight's Long-Term News logo

RESTORE in McKnight’s Long-Term Care News

We're honored & excited to be featured on McKnight's Long-Term Care News today. McKnight’s is a business news magazine serving the institutional long-term care field. They especially focus on news in the high-acuity skilled nursing setting. Below, is an excerpt from the article:

RESTORE Skills has launched an interactive software product for adult rehabilitation patients that uses any webcam-equipped, Wi-Fi-enabled device as a therapy tool in the gym, at the bedside or at home post-discharge.

Our technology — the first to offer this level of mobility — provides a scalable platform to help skilled nursing organizations and therapy practitioners deliver positive rehab,” said Eran Arden, RESTORE’s founder and CEO. “At a time when therapy protocols are shifting, RESTORE enables the creation of more practice opportunities, the collection of meaningful data, and the design of therapy protocols according to a patient’s progress”

Long-term care patients & staff enjoy RESTORE

Follow the link to McKnight's to read the article and learn how we're bringing the power of gamification to skill-building in therapy and beyond. 🚀 We're happy to see the news of our technology spreading throughout the industry. If you enjoyed this article, be sure to share it with a colleague or friend!

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Meet the Team!

Meet the Team: Karin

Everything we do here is to support of our goal of creating enhanced experiences for your team, your patients, and their loved ones. In earlier posts, we heard stories from players who had meaningful experiences with therapeutic gamification. But in this next series, we’ll hear from a few of our team members about their favorite moments over the last year! In this post you’ll meet Karin, a senior game developer and graphic designer in our Tel Aviv office.

This fall, I had the chance to travel to NYC to work with our U.S. team. While there, I was able to visit numerous facilities that use the RESTORE platform. I learned a great deal while talking to the staff, therapists, and residents and hearing the insightful ideas they shared with me. It was so exciting to see firsthand how patients love and appreciate our product. Here is one special experience from the trip I’d like to share:

The day of our visit, I observed a therapy session between a therapist and patient who was not feeling great.  She told us she was feeling off and said she didn’t want to stand at all. The therapist said that was okay and she sat and eagerly watched another patient play the game Jackpot (which I developed) and waited for her turn.

The RESTORE Difference

When her turn came, she immediately knew she wanted to play that same game. It was like suddenly forgot her discomfort and agreed to play the game for a couple of minutes while standing! For me, as the game developer, it was amazing to see how something I created help a patient who earlier refused to stand to go on and have fun with her therapy. After she finished playing, she continued to say how beautiful and fun that slot machine was! It moved me to know that something I designed and developed could have that great of an impact on people.

I hope this made you smile like it made me. It’s a story I will carry in my heart as I build more games that create meaningful experiences for all of you and your patients. It’s an honor to know that my day to day job is to make therapy more fun and enjoyable for patients. I look forward to a brighter future where joy, gaming, and therapy are intertwined. 

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Data-driven activities & daily progress tracking

How Do You Measure Daily Progress?

Hi, I am excited to share that RESTORE's Daily Progress dashboard is now live.

We understand how important it is for you to track your patients’ progress. You want to know if today was better than yesterday and plan for tomorrow's activity accordingly. For example, you want to see if your patient can reach higher, react faster, and respond with greater accuracy. Now, with RESTORE’s *NEW* Daily Progress dashboard, you can monitor your patients' functional progress over time.

What Progress Can Be Measured?

Game Positions Skill Data Point Displayed
Car Cross Standing & Sitting L&R Hand, Two Hands, Two Hands Together Range of Motion Max Height Reached
Falling Fruit Standing & Sitting L&R Hand Crossing Midline Midline_crosses_right
Bulls Eye Sitting & Standing L&R Hand Range of Motion Correct hits
Order Up Sitting & Standing L&R Hand Range of Motion items_caught_in_correct_order
Memory Game Sitting & Standing L&R Hand Range of Motion Wrong_couples/matches
Falling Fruit Standing L&R Hand,  Two Hands Balance correct_moves
Bounce It R&L Leg w/ & w/o support Up / Down Movements L/R Calibration Percentage


*Results will appear in the Daily Progress dashboard found in the Player Profile*


Why come back daily?

Progress data is collected when patients play different skill-building activities on our platform. To see consistent data and track progress over time, make sure your patients are practicing every day.

PDPM - What can we do for you?

Under PDPM, presenting objective data when reporting patient progress will be more important than ever. We will continue to develop and provide our users with the best measurement and therapy tools possible. If you have an idea for an activity or measurement that can empower you and your patients, let us know. We are happy to develop and add therapist ideas for the benefit of all of our users!

We look forward to hearing from you and supporting your goals!

Eran Arden
CEO & Founder


I believe that adding life to our days is as important as adding days to our life…and we do both!

It is astonishing that therapy is still delivered as it was 100 years ago, from therapist to patient in the traditional 1:1 session. This model has several key deficiencies that, in today’s healthcare economy, are no longer sustainable:

  • Therapy sessions are dependent on the presence of a paid therapist (not scalable) 
  • Subjective/manual data collection and analysis by the therapist
  • Activities are standard and routine, rather than personalized and data-driven

Payers intend to cease to reimburse this approach; with PDPM we switched from volume to value. Providers will need achieve the same rehabilitation results while decreasing their OT/PT hours by 30%. Failure to do so means the same patient outcomes will result in a loss of compliance with the payers. This change necessitates a system such as RESTORE-Skills.

RESTORE-Skills brings rehabilitation into the 21st century by utilizing cutting-edge tools such as motion tracking, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to provide an end-to-end solution to reduce the need for the individual therapy session. RESTORE provides a scalable, data-driven SaaS platform that helps nursing homes and home care providers deliver the results expected of them, retain their compliance and preserve their revenue.

RESTORE goes beyond building a product or company, RESTORE is building a new category of on-demand, data-driven, rehabilitation tools for the healthcare demands of the 21st century.

I believe that therapy can be more effective, motivating, and fun – don’t you?

Join us, feel free to contact me

Eran Arden

Co-Founder, CEO

Welcome to the RESTORE Blog!

This blog was developed to serve as a community where therapists, industry professionals, and patients can stay informed of the exciting news about our both our platform and the rehab industry.  

RESTORE is a data-driven, digital rehabilitation platform for physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Each of our therapy designed activities improve patient outcomes through increased motivation while also aiming to reduce the cost of therapy. Our online platform allows patients to continue their skill-building anywhere, any time and real-time data collection allows therapists to track progress throughout the patient’s recovery cycle.

In this blog – you’ll learn more not just about our platform, our unique activities, our dedicated team and our mission but together we’ll explore industry topics including PDPM, therapy trends, and the convergence of technology and therapy. The RESTORE blog is a chance to engage in dialog about how we’re using technology for good in the world of rehab. We invite our users and readers to pose questions and tell us more about the topics you want to know more about.

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If you're reading this, it means that you are already joining us is our mission to change the way skill-building and rehabilitation is delivered today. We believe that gamification, data and AI can empower patients and therapists and help turn therapy into a more fun, engaging, measurable and cost effective process.

Please, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Eran Arden

Founder and CEO