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Getting More from RESTORE: Collaborating with Activities

From our work with our facility partners, we know that RESTORE can be a pathway for collaboration. Our mission is to help teams within facilities connect so that they can advance patient goals together! In this next series of blog posts, we’ll talk about how different departments can use RESTORE to create fun, engaging, and meaningful experiences in support of patient goals.

Activities & Recreation

Whether it’s a group outing or afternoon social, Activities brings a sense of community, joy, and excitement to residents, helping them get the most out of their day! They create meaningful experiences to keep residents engaged and healthy while providing valued support to other departments. Working in tandem with the therapy department, for example, to increase residents’ function and physical movement, elevate their mood, and decrease any adverse events like falls and readmission. 

One way buildings can get the most out of the RESTORE platform is to utilize games as a part of a group/community activity! For example, play our Thanksgiving-themed games during your building’s Thanksgiving celebration. Have fun laughing and reminiscing with your patients and their families about their favorite holiday stories, recipes, and traditions! Activities staff can then follow up with therapy if a specific patient/resident expresses interest for more frequent use of RESTORE. 

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The RESTORE Difference 

As we heard from the New Eastwood Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center, residents of all levels love to engage with the platform. Their Activities team will often bring long term residents to visit the gym to play RESTORE games. For example, Tina played Jackpot, focusing on AROM, crossing midline, and functional reach. Every time she scored a jackpot, she yelled out her winnings, she was so excited! She told the OT in the gym that she wants to come down to the gym more often and play more games. Vicki, another long term resident in the group, said Ski Saga was her favorite, “it had me squatting and moving, but if I hit the hit the trees or bridges, the skier would make a noise!”  

Therapists at Crest Pointe Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center also take advantage of RESTORE! Recreation Director Barbara S. told us, “I’ve noticed how much fun our residents are having, and it’s a great resource for them to use coordination.” Jen C, the recreation assistant, told us that she usually worked evening in the sensory program and noticed that “the residents caught on quickly! When playing Jackpot, they remembered times in Atlantic City. So, we were not only exercising but playing and reminiscing too!” 

What Our Users Have to Say!

residents enjoy RESTORE with activities


“The RESTORE program has added a whole new level to our Activities Program. Residents who were not interested in anything else,
are participating & enjoying the games, & at the same time, they are receiving the valuable benefits of exercise. Residents are pairing up to do the group games, working as teams & socializing more.

We had one resident that had lost a loved one, and the RESTORE games helped her past her depression. As an Activities Director, I am excited to be able to employ this new technology, to bring enjoyment & increased quality of life to our Residents.”  – Erin McCorry, Director of Activities, Coral Harbor Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center

Put It Into Practice

These are the kind of experiences we want to help create, both in and out of the gym! I hope this post showed how RESTORE could be played by any therapist, Activities director, nurse, or family member supporting a player’s (patient) goals. If you’re a non-therapy professional who uses RESTORE, we want to hear from you! Share a favorite experience, patient progress story, or photo by emailing We can’t wait for our tribe to hear from you! 

Follow RESTOREskills on Facebook & LinkedIn for updates on our platform, new game announcements, testimonials, tips, and much much more! To schedule an obligation free demonstration of our on-demand therapy platform with our team, please contact us at or call (330) 968-2879. We look forward to supporting your goals!

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