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Last month, I visited several of our facilities in the Marquis Health Services network. It was amazing to see how happy patients in therapy are when practicing with RESTORE!  I was so thrilled to see patient’s smiles, laughter, and sense of achievement in “real life” and not only over the phone or by reading testimonials. These moments remind me of why I love my job and I want to share my amazing experience with you over the next few blog posts.

Meeting Maria

During a visit to Cedar View Rehab, I was thrilled to meet Maria who was recovering from knee surgery and recently began working on standing tolerance in her therapy sessions. Maria was eager to play, even though she “wasn’t sure what to do” at first. Well, as it turns out, she was born natural when it comes to RESTORE.  Using her walker and guided by a therapist, Maria worked on standing tolerance, balance, weight shifting, and squatting. It was amazing to see how incredibly determined she was throughout her session. Even when she felt pain or discomfort, she pushed herself to reach the next goal! 

The RESTORE Difference

When she finished playing, a huge smile spread across Maria’s face. She couldn’t believe she engaged with the game for over 7 minutes! The energy from her RESTORE session carried over into her other treatment, still smiling as she talked to others in the group about the games. As I was leaving, Maria even introduced me to her son who came to visit! It was a wonderful morning and it felt great to be part of her good day.

My visit to Cedar View was special because it showed me the immediate impact of RESTORE. I saw the difference once therapists pushed past their comfort zone to embrace an innovative tool. I saw her pride when Maria pushed herself to stand and exercise longer than she thought she could. And I got to see her share that moment with her son. It was truly incredible to see how happy patients in therapy were when practicing with RESTORE!

Now that I’ve shared Maria's story, I wanna hear yours! Send me an email of your own experience, we’d love to hear how RESTORE is helping you have a better day. 

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