power of therapeutic gamification

The Power of Therapeutic Gamification

We know it’s not always easy to engage a patient, especially when they’ve had a tough day. We also know that creating fun, interactive experiences can help lead to a better day. This week, we’ll look at another facility to learn about the power of therapeutic gamification and how it can help provide an enhanced patient experience.  

During a therapy visit to New Eastwood Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center, we were so excited to see the impact of the therapeutic activities on patients throughout the gym. The first patient to play during our visit was Mike, who recently returned to the facility from being in the hospital. With his therapist, Mike focused on AROM and activity tolerance while seated. As he played he it was clear he was having a lot of fun! He told us that playing worked out his arms and shoulders and that he was impressed that it made him short of breath! 

The RESTORE Effect

As they progressed through the session, another patient asked to join Mike and play the game Bull’s Eye so they could have a “shootout” competition. So, she set up both players on the same device, selected “Group Play,” and started the contest! The players loved the activity, the second saying, “it’s fun to compete with other patients, but it also makes you competitive with yourself because you want to get better. It exercises your body and mind while having fun!” 

In addition to Mike’s shootout partner joining in on the fun, another patient asked to play! She watched the two men enjoying the friendly and asked if she could play. Although seated during her prior dowel exercise, the therapist referred the patient to stand when playing. So, the therapist placed a ball in the middle of the same dowel turning it into a controller.  The patient stood for 10 minutes and completed too many interactive repetitions to keep track of visually. At the end of the session, the patient expressed how much FUN she had and that she enjoyed not thinking about it being exercise. 

The RESTORE Difference 

Later on, the therapist pulled up the data from the session to show the patient. They reviewed her movement pattern and the heat map of the bilateral movements completed during her entire session. The therapist expressed that this session was far more productive in working towards the patient’s goals than the short dowel sessions alone. The patient added that the 10 minutes of standing flew by because she was having fun!

What started as a single patient playing games quickly turned into additional patients engaging in group play or asking to play on their own. The smiles and laughter generated from the gaming experience caught the attention of other patients working on their personal goals throughout the gym.  From Mike to the final patient, we were able to see first hand the ripple effect therapeutic gamification had on everyone present. 

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