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NEWS: RESTORE-Skills on ABC News’ WCPO-9

RESTORE-Skills featured on ABC News' Cincinnati affiliate in a segment titled, “Concerns Over Nursing Home Visits.”

The segment notes, “Villa Georgetown in Brown County has been getting a little creative. Residents have been using a virtual therapy program called RESTORE to stay active and healthy.”

We were honored to be mentioned on Sunday evening's broadcast as a fun and creative solution to help nursing homes combat the risks of social isolation during COVID-19. 

"Keeping our families connected with their loved ones here has been vital in not only keeping their psychosocial well-being as up as we can, but I think in many degrees keeping them alive," said Daniel Wylie, Executive Director & CEO of Villa Georgetown.

The segment discussed nursing homes struggling to balance fighting loneliness and COVID-19 concerns. In the piece, RESTORE Skills is mentioned as being used at the Crown Healthcare Group facility in Georgetown, Ohio.

Check out the full story HERE!

Dementia care

Dementia Capable Care enhanced with RESTORE

By Ian Oppel, CCO of RESTORE, occupational therapist, and 20-year Dementia Capable Certified Therapist

While residents in skilled nursing facilities continue to struggle in the fourth month of this new normal, those with Alzheimer's disease and dementia have the added challenge of communication barriers, decreased engagement, and the struggle to maintain cognitive function now even more. These are people who depend on a familiar routine, secure connections with loved ones, and group activities to slow the progression of a cruel disease. 

In honor of this June's Alzheimer's and Brain Awareness Month, I want to raise awareness of how RESTORE's interactive gaming therapy software is key to supporting long term care's most vulnerable residents.

Those at the highest risk for deterioration of the disease process with COVID-19 are dementia patients.

Individuals with dementia function best with routine. They need the familiarity of a caregiver and a consistent environment. But because of COVID-19, regular routines are completely disrupted. Like everyone in skilled nursing facilities, those with dementia are spending most of the day in their rooms, often alone and isolated. They aren't able to socialize in group activities and with loved ones, which usually keeps them engaged and able to pattern behavior after others. 

The goal when working with individuals living with Alzheimer's and dementia is to promote their best ability to function to slow or delay the deterioration of a progressive disease. It starts with gaining agreement, followed by making changes to the environment, activity, and/or care partner approach. After working with this population, I know firsthand this takes time and patience because helping residents with Alzheimer's can be so much faster than supporting them to be independent. It's a good intention to want to jump in and help, but supporting these residents too much can leave them more helpless. This is a challenge always, but no doubt, it's even harder now that facilities are staffing challenged.

This is why I consider RESTORE the perfect medium to slow the progression of memory care patients. I've seen patients find engaging games connected to their life history, interests, and abilities. The games support cognitive and behavioral skills, and of course, physical skills. 

Take the WWII pilot I met at our client's facility before COVID-19 hit. He didn't want to work on the motion of lifting his arm to reach for a cone; his therapist was extending in front of him. When I learned that he was a pilot in World War II, I offered to show him our Take Flight game. He ended up getting really engaged and even told me the highlight of his life was meeting General Patton. By the end of our session, he had held his arm and sustained action several times for over two-minute intervals, something that's hard even for me but necessary for completing activities of daily living. And this is just one example of so many.

I'm seeing therapists and even activities staff customize RESTORE to support patients' cognitive and physical abilities, as well as their interests, preferences, habits, tendencies, professions, and family history. Players can golf, pull a slot machine lever, ski in a race, or fly a plane. RESTORE's 30+ games keep players engaged, as well as help with issues such as attention span, concentration, problem-solving, decision-making, and sequencing. Every game exercises cognitive functioning, helping patients with dementia to maintain attention, concentrate, and tap into procedural, working, and long term memory centers. 

Add to this personalization feature the fact that RESTORE is portable and works on any device with a webcam. It's easy to set up and allows every staff member to support skill-building therapy. It's one thing to bring a dementia patient an iPad to play a sensory game or call a family member, but how much more impactful is software that lets patients actively play without handling a device, get immersed in the activity, and invite loved ones to participate virtually?

Connect to family and friends

Just as COVID-19 hit, we added a feature to invite loved ones to join therapy sessions virtually. Having family interaction takes engagement to a whole different level. This is something that we just really haven't ever had the ability to do as therapists. It's incredible to share active treatment sessions with family members who can offer support, encouragement, and help build trust.

While family members are not able to come to the facilities these days, RESTORE can connect family members from where they are and bring them into the room virtually. Once you gain a patient's trust, now they can play RESTORE and have their family members come up on the screen and be able to interact. 

If the family video is too distracting, we can always hide their video, and players can continue with just their loved one's voices. 

I hear clients' stories every day of how RESTORE is keeping residents happy, active, and engaged during this new normal. It's keeping them connected to their families and able to do meaningful therapy work together with their loved ones' support.  And for Alzheimer's and dementia patients, who are the most at risk right now, RESTORE is helping to slow down deterioration even amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Improving therapy outcomes especially during COVID-19

I want to share with you positive news. On the frontlines in the battle against COVID-19 and under more public scrutiny than ever, I’m seeing nursing home professionals creatively provide therapy and engagement to patients. Patients are reaching therapy goals even in this new season of social distancing and closed therapy gyms.


Our clients are using gaming software in skilled nursing facilities so that all they need is a laptop to get patients engaged in therapy. They’re reaching higher for a slot machine level or standing up and moving side to side by playing games like Jackpot and Skiing.

  • Patients are so busy playing, they forget they’re in therapy
  • Patients are connecting with loved ones back at home, who join the therapy session right there on the app
  • Facility team members on all levels are stepping in to support therapy goals

Imagine Zoom with a Wii. That’s how I’m seeing seniors reach new goals in therapy and even get discharged home where they continue using the software – even during COVID-19. Especially during COVID-19.

RESTORE Skills is the only therapy software available with no device required outside of a laptop. We are the only player in the market that allows users to take a laptop in a room and reach therapy goals. At a time when nursing homes are even more severely understaffed and patients are isolated in their rooms, RESTORE skills turns every team member into a skill-building superstar – from activities directors, to CNAs and nurses. 

It is our goal to give as many seniors access to this transformative tool as possible.

Because across the country, many nursing home patients are missing this opportunity and most likely missing out on crucial therapy sessions while isolated in their rooms. We are offering our software at an unprecedented low price during COVID-19 so that we can help many skilled nursing facilities continue to provide cutting edge therapy even amidst a pandemic.

Let’s change the trajectory of the story of skilled nursing care in the news right now and fill it with stories of positive outcomes. Because anyone familiar with this industry knows the positive outcomes are typical, even if they’re not the story in the news. 

RESTORE Remote: Invite Family to Join LIVE Therapy Sessions

Introducing RESTORE-Together: A better way to virtually connect to patients

Introducing RESTORE-Together: A better way to virtually connect to patients

When we launched RESTORE Skills, never did we imagine that therapy gyms would close for months at a time and skilled nursing facility patients would be isolated in their rooms. Now that COVID-19 has made this a reality, with no foreseeable end in sight, we at RESTORE Skills are seeing just how transformative our tool is for providing therapy to seniors now more than ever. 

  • Clients are using our gamified software to turn every patient room into a therapy gym
  • RESTORE-Together offers the ability to invite family members to virtually join therapy sessions with the click of a button

New communication tool in our technology

When we saw our clients setting up Zoom calls for residents and families, we quickly developed a new communication tool for our software. RESTORE-Together allows patients and therapists to invite family members to join therapy sessions right there within the games. 

RESTORE-Together is helping skilled nursing patients connect with loved ones in a powerful new way. Videoconferences with seniors can be challenging for those who struggle with new technology, but RESTORE-Together is a therapy tool seniors and therapists already know how to use. The communication tool also allows families to connect with loved ones in cognitive and speech therapy in a meaningful way.

We developed RESTORE Skills as a skill-building tool for therapy gyms, where patients can show off their new skills, compete in therapy games against one another and cheer each other on. Each player can work on their own set of skills, within their personal range of motion, but the games themselves offer a sense of competition where patients celebrate and strive to outperform one another. Users only need our software and a webcam to use RESTORE Skills anywhere, so it has always been a significant bonus that patients can continue building therapy skills on their own at home.

Now with RESTORE-Together, the audience patients enjoyed in the therapy gyms is back. Only this time, the audience is made up of loved ones.

Turns out we started getting RESTORE Skills into long term care facilities just in time. 

Our tool supports challenges facilities are facing right now. 

  • Skilled nursing facilities are struggling with staff shortages
  • Patients no longer have visitors 
  • Activity directors have limited options for keeping seniors social and engaged
  • Therapists are having to provide therapy within patient rooms
  • Skilled nursing staff are now also the IT experts, connecting residents with families over video conferences.

We at RESTORE Skills are helping SNFs meet all of these challenges. We’re working harder than ever to get RESTORE Skills into as many skilled nursing facilities as possible. Therapy and positive outcomes for our seniors in these facilities depend on it.


Click here to schedule a demo and find out how RESTORE-Skills can help your facility meet therapy needs during COVID-19.


National Nurses Day

Celebrating Nurses by Improving Patient Outcomes

On this day and every day, all of us at RESTORE-Skills honor nurses as the healthcare heroes that they are. I see firsthand in our work with senior care facilities the demands placed on nurses. They are always on the frontlines of every patients’ battle for the best outcome possible. Perhaps during no time since World War II has this been more apparent than in the middle of our current global pandemic of COVID-19. 

This National Nurses Day my team and I are celebrating long term care nurses by improving therapy outcomes for their patients.

I’ve seen firsthand that nurses in skilled nursing facilities are among the most dedicated in the field. They get to know patients in senior care facilities over a length of time and many consider the residents like family. It takes a special soul to nurse a patient back to health at a time when there are so many compounding issues that come with aging. Sometimes the job of the nurse is to simply hold a patients’ hands and provide comfort.


Other times, it’s the job of long term care nurses to motivate their patients to get up and get moving for therapy. While they are not the therapy providers, nurses and their assistants are key players in ensuring that patients are ready and in the best mindset possible for therapy sessions.

What if we made that part of nurses’ jobs a lot easier? And in the process, we improved the outcomes for patients these nurses have come to love?

My team and I are doing just that with RESTORE-Skills. Here’s how I am seeing our skilled nursing facility clients benefit from our therapy software tool:

  • Our award-winning gamification technology makes therapy fun and engaging so that patients actually ask to play. 
  • Skilled nursing patients are actually playing therapy games right in their rooms during COVID-19 while therapy gyms are closed.
  • Every team member of skilled nursing facilities becomes a therapy skill building superstar with just a laptop and webcam.
  • Patients are staying busy, active and engaged while reaching therapy goals, breaking up these long days isolated in their rooms while eating meals by the door.


This National Nurses Day, we’re honoring these healthcare heroes by working to advance their quiet daily goal of improving each patient’s outcome. I believe in the power of this software to create positive therapy outcomes on a massive scale because we see it happen in our clients’ facilities every day. The time is now to give nurses and all dedicated employees in skilled nursing facilities a game-changing tool in their arsenal.


We want to get RESTORE Skills in the hands of every long term care facility possible. Click here to learn about our COVID-19 special offer.


Skilled Nursing News

An Interview with Skilled Nursing News

We're thrilled to be featured on Skilled Nursing News today. Aaryn Crosby of Adaptive Rehab Services and our CEO, Eran Arden sat down with Skilled Nursing News to discuss the impact of RESTORE-Skills on therapy services and the unforeseen benefits in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Below, is an excerpt from the article:

By “gamifying” therapy via a hardware-agnostic platform, some providers are finding not only much greater engagement among patients and residents receiving therapy, but also the unforeseen benefit of engaging non-therapy residents and their family members under social distancing protocols set under the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Driving therapy engagement 

As a third-party therapy provider in multiple settings including post-acute and long-term care facilities, Adaptive Rehabilitation Services set out in 2019 to find a platform that would improve patient participation and garner more engagement in therapy as well as to measure functional skills and progress. Further, Adaptive wanted a solution that did not require a hardware purchase to host the platform. 

“There are a lot of products that require the user to have [a specific] device,” says Aaryn Crosby, Chief Operating Officer at Middleburg Heights, Ohio-based Adaptive Rehabilitation Services. “We were looking for something that can work on multiple systems and computers… something that could deliver functional room treatments. Many patients may not be able to come down or are nervous to come down to the gym.”

The company implemented RESTORE Skills in early 2020 and saw measured success in engagement. The platform, which can run on any web-enabled laptop with a display and a camera, provides a series of goal-oriented games that merge therapy with fun tasks that can be played with a single player or multiple players engaged on a single screen. 

With games to present to residents and patients, therapy teams soon reported that those not previously participating were increasingly using the platform and we're seeing increased functional outcomes. They were practicing more and were resisting less, which led to improved progress overall. 

“Having a truly fun and interactive therapy session versus a standard therapeutic exercise has increased engagement and mental well being by allowing patients to perform together and compete,” Crosby says. 

An unforeseen benefit: the platform serves as an activity for non-therapy residents as well. 

“We have had activity aides asking for us to train them on the program; residents’ roommates are telling them they want to try it out too,” he says.

Click here to read the full article. Interested in seeing gamification in action? Contact our team to schedule a demo and to learn how gamification can drive engagement and outcomes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

moving and smiling

Get Residents Moving AND Smiling!

During the current COVID-19 outbreak, finding fun ways to keep residents moving and smiling can be a challenge. But, with just a laptop & a simple controller, you can have a dynamic therapy session anywhere! 

An Innovative Option

Contrived treatment approaches, like puzzles, pegboards, or batting balloons, lack the element of FUN, which can limit someone's ability to reach their goals. However, gamifying therapeutic exercise can improve engagement and enjoyment. Our online games keep residents active and happy, in the gym or their room. In fact, one of my favorite stories came from a speech therapist who was a RESTORE Champion for her center. She won over a resident after he expressed that he didn't want to leave his room or participate in therapy. After talking with him, she brought in her laptop and played a video of someone using RESTORE. She explained the functionality of games, how to play, and gain agreement. In the end, they completed a fun AND meaningful 30-minute session in his room.  The therapist thought out of the box and created an experience both they enjoyed. It was amazing to hear about!

Below are a few tips for how you can create a motivating and exciting therapy session right in the patient's room.

  • Become a RESTORE Rockstar: If you're not confident with RESTORE, it can become a barrier to patient engagement. Take a few minutes each day to explore the platform to learn the games & functionality. 
  • Tap Into Your Inner Coach (And Cheerleader): Demonstrate the actions & tasks you want your patient to achieve and assure them you are there for support!
  • Share the Fun with a Family Member: For added support, loved ones can use teleconferencing to join Fun of the RESTORE session.

moving and smiling

The RESTORE Difference

Whether you'd like to make activities more accessible or more challenging for your players, then the Settings button is full of fantastic customizability. Each game has unique settings options that you can adjust to meet the player's interests and needs. Our users are active in over 200 healthcare centers and nursing homes throughout the country. We've seen players of all cognitive and physical levels have fun, work towards their goals, and find success. A meaningful skill-building session can genuinely happen anywhere, anytime!

To get your residents moving and smiling now, click here & learn about our COVID-19 Special Offer!

Follow RESTOREskills on Facebook & LinkedIn for updates on our platform, new game announcements, testimonials, tips, and much much more! To schedule an obligation free demonstration of our on-demand therapy platform with our team, please contact us at or call (330) 968-2879. We look forward to supporting your goals!


Skill-Building with Anything Red, Green, or Blue 🔴🟢🔵

Now, more than ever, health professionals and providers are turning to technology to support patients. Skill-building can happen anywhere, anytime, while having fun! We can support you in keeping patients active, happy, and healthy. 


Part of what makes RESTORE so unique and adaptable is how we can turn any round red, green, or blue object into a game controller. Our innovative technology uses color-tracking so you can assist, support, guide, and play alongside your patients without interrupting their experience! All you need to get started are a few ball-shaped objects that are red, green, or blue. We recommend using objects like Play-Doh, gloves, cups, socks, or a loofa. Larger objects, like an exercise or medicine ball, work best for focusing on gross motor skills. Use something small, like a dry erase marker, to target fine-motor skills such as grip and grasp. You can also attach wrist/ankle weights to the player or calibrate free weights as a controller for added resistance & strength training. The tips should help you & your patients have an excellent experience:

Playing Tips & Tricks!

  • Get close, but not too close: Set the player 1 to 3-feet away from the camera. If playing with a larger object, try positioning them 4-6 feet away.
  • Endless Possibilities: Stickers, stress balls, free weights, or therabands! The sky’s the limit when it comes to finding objects in your gym/center that can be used to play RESTORE games.
  • Show the Camera What You’ve Got: When playing, the color of your object must be pronounced & visible to the camera at all times in order to track. Avoid turning down your wrist or covering controllers with your hands.

We love to hear from our users, so send us a picture of your players or team with their most unique controllers. We’re excited for your creativity to start flowing and for you to discover the unlimited potential of the objects you can track with RESTORE!

To start now, click here & learn about our COVID-19 Special Offer!

Follow RESTOREskills on Facebook & LinkedIn for updates on our platform, new game announcements, testimonials, tips, and much much more! To schedule an obligation free demonstration of our on-demand therapy platform with our team, please contact us at or call (330) 968-2879. We look forward to supporting your goals!

engage isolated residents

Engage Isolated Residents of All Levels

Engaging isolated residents with moderate to severe cognitive impairments during the current COVID-19 outbreak can be challenging. However, with just a laptop & a simple ball, you can have a fun and dynamic therapy session right at their bedside! RESTORE games can be enjoyed by players of any level. We find that therapists experience the most success when they match the game with the player’s history or hobbies. To help gain agreement and make your treatment approach meaningful, begin the RESTORE session with asking the player about their life and interests. Prioritize engagement, reminiscing, and communication over playing. 

RESTORE is meant to be a compliment to your treatment session and not by itself there to treat your patient. One challenge you might encounter is that a goal-directed player understands the activity they are to perform, but may not want to participate for fear of failure. Therapists can quell this fear by grading activities/settings to player ability so they can succeed and be challenged. Below are some tips to help you successfully engage a player with moderate to severe cognitive impairment:

Playing Tips & Tricks!

  • Give strong consideration to your environment: Identify an environment with limited distractions based on noise, congestion/traffic, lighting, etc.
  • Take the Time: Allow extra time for player to respond to directions/commands
  • Distinguish between limitations: Don’t allow a player’s physical limitations to interfere with your assessment of their cognitive function

engaging players of all levels

When playing your first session, to take time to see if the player can correct mistakes or improve after gaining understanding - but avoid the player getting discouraged or frustrated whenever possible! We hope this post encouraged you to try something new with your residents today. Our fun, engaging, and meaningful games are meant for everyone to enjoy, so open your laptop, grab a controller, and watch the magic of a RESTORE session unfold!

To start now, click here & learn about our COVID-19 Special Offer!

Follow RESTOREskills on Facebook & LinkedIn for updates on our platform, new game announcements, testimonials, tips, and much much more! To schedule an obligation free demonstration of our on-demand therapy platform with our team, please contact us at or call (330) 968-2879. We look forward to supporting your goals!

motivate residents

Motivate Residents to be Active in Their Rooms!

Motivating resients isolated in their room can be a struggle. This fun upper body activity is a favorite among all of our players. Bring the excitement of the casino to your patient’s room to boost engagement AND practice UE strengthening! All you need is a laptop and a rounded object for the player to experience the fun of a virtual slot machine.

In the game "Jackpot", players pull the handle to try and win big! They can engage with the game while standing, seated, or even lying in their bed to target AROM, crossing midline, and functional reach. Below are some great tips to help you engage a player in the room with our #1 game "Jackpot"!

Playing Tips & Tricks!

  • Get the Most from the Capture Settings: Range of motion & camera capture options can be adjusted to a large, medium, or small semi-circle for players seated or lying in bed.
  • Increase the Challenge: Attach wrist weights to the player or calibrate free weights as a controller for added resistance & strength training!
  • Players Can Win...Really! If a player pulls a rare "Triple WILD" jackpot, let us know, and we'll send them RESTORE a t-shirt.

Engaging Activities Anywhere

With more therapy sessions happening in the room, motivate residents and offer a distraction from environmental barriers and psychosocial factors. Play "Jackpot" with a resident to help them forget about their discomfort, loneliness, or anxiety. We hope you’ll follow these tips for an exciting and innovative therapy session.

To start now, click here & learn about our COVID-19 Special Offer!

Follow RESTOREskills on Facebook & LinkedIn for updates on our platform, new game announcements, testimonials, tips, and much much more! To schedule an obligation free demonstration of our on-demand therapy platform with our team, please contact us at or call (330) 968-2879. We look forward to supporting your goals!