Boost Cognitive Training with 7 Fresh Trivia Categories

We've just added seven new trivia categories thoughtfully selected to align with your high-quality therapy sessions. Interested in how these topics can contribute to more engaging cognitive training for your residents? Keep reading.

Occupational Therapists, Make Every Session a Hit!

Working with residents on activities of daily living (ADLs)? Incorporate our Country Music and Eighties categories to prompt memories and stories that can be intertwined with ADL tasks. Remembering lyrics or iconic moments can serve as excellent anchor points for cognitive exercises, helping residents focus better and participate.

Physical Therapists, Flex Those Mental Muscles!

Physical exercises are essential, but why not layer on a cognitive challenge? Use the Sports category to quiz residents while they perform balance or strength tasks. Not only does this require them to think on their feet—literally—but it also elevates the level of mental engagement necessary for each task.

Speech-Language Pathologists, Turn Up the Volume!

Aphasia, cognitive-communication disorders, you name it. Our new categories can be helpful tools. The Slogans and Retro Games trivia can be a fun and engaging way to work on word retrieval and expressive language. It'll get your residents talking, remembering, and perhaps even laughing.

September, World Alzheimer's Month

We want to recognize World Alzheimer's Month, and Trivia Night can help. Use the Food category to prompt discussion about textures, tastes, and sensory experiences that can often be vivid, even when other memories fade. Prompting these discussions can be particularly impactful in memory care settings.

Honoring Our Veterans, The Veterans Category

Many of our residents have served in the military. The Veterans category can be an honorable and respectful way to pay tribute while sharpening cognitive skills. Discussing military slogans and historical events, or even just sharing service stories, can offer deep emotional and cognitive engagement.

Takeaways You Can Use Today

  • Multi-Tasking is Your Friend: Layer cognitive challenges over physical or speech therapy sessions for a two-in-one win.

  • Use Memories as Anchors: Anchor the therapy session with deeply resonant and familiar topics to stimulate more focused interaction.

  • Be Inclusive: The new categories cater to various interests and backgrounds, making every resident feel included and engaged.

We hope you find these new trivia categories exciting and helpful. Your input was the catalyst for this addition, and we can't wait to hear how you put these categories to work. Thank you for being a valued part of the RESTORE community.

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