Boost Attention and Cognition Through the Power of Gaming

Celebrating World Alzheimer's Month with Skills That Matter

Hello, fabulous therapists! September is World Alzheimer's Month, and we're focusing on improving attention and cognition skills, especially for Alzheimer's patients. Learn how games can help enhance these skills and boost active participation in rehabilitation! 

Games to Energize Your Therapy Sessions

1️. Trivia Night

Skills Targeted: Attention, Recall, and Information Processing

Tip: To keep the energy high and to cater to different cognitive levels, vary the categories or get competitive, by playing as a group.

2️. Kitchen Mixin'

Skills Targeted: Sequencing, Attention, and Working Memory

Tip: After your patient completes a recipe, ask them to summarize the steps. This reinforces the sequencing and aids memory.

3️. Sequence It

Skills Targeted: Logical Sequence, Planning, and Problem-Solving

Tip: Use the game as a conversation starter about the significance of each step in the sequence, further enhancing cognitive engagement.

4️. Plinko Party

Skills Targeted: Attention, Visual Scanning, and Decision Making

Tip: Encourage your patients to strategize before releasing the chip. Ask them why they chose a particular slot to reinforce decision-making skills.

5️. Word Search

Skills Targeted: Visual Scanning, Word Recognition, and Focus 

Tip: Use the settings to add a layer of complexity that demands attention and quicker information processing.

6️. Grocery Grab

Skills Targeted: Planning, Categorization, and Spatial Awareness

Tip: Make it more challenging by having them guess the price before they cash out, this incorporates math and financial planning into the mix.

7️.  Spooky Spiders

Skills Targeted: Hand-Eye Coordination, Visual Tracking, and Focus

Tip: For an added cognitive twist, narrate a story behind the activity. Why are we capturing these spiders? Imagination stokes cognition!

Let's not just observe World Alzheimer's Month; let's participate! These games not only offer a fresh and engaging approach to traditional therapy but also make a significant impact on your resident’s attention and cognitive skills. Happy gaming, therapists! Let's make this September count for something extraordinary. 

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