Connecting People: One Facet of an SLP/ST

Hey RESTORE Tribe,

My name is Julie and not only am I one of the Sr. Directors of Clinical Success at RESTORE, I am also a Speech-Language Pathologist or SLP.

“I don’t need speech therapy; my speech is fine.”

How often do we, as Speech-Language Pathologists, hear this in our practice? More often than we would like to count! SLPs also go by the term Speech Therapist or ST, which can imply a person who supports a patient’s speech. So how do we help others understand everything under the SLP/ST umbrella. We talk about it.

Yes, SLPs/STs help patients improve their speech, but we also support language, swallowing disorders, cognition, augmentative and alternative communication, accent modification, aural rehab, orofacial myofunctional disorders, fluency, hearing loss, resonance and voice disorders. Whew, that’s a lot! 

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This year’s theme for Better Hearing and Speech Month wraps all those disorders and dysfunctions into a central theme that perfectly describes what we do: “Connecting People.” We are the discipline who helps patients relearn to communicate with loved ones, improve their swallow safety to enjoy their favorite foods. and enhance cognitive skills to remain aging in place for as long and safely as possible.

At RESTORE-Skills, we’re grateful to support SLPs in their practice to bring innovative interventions to their residents. We have games like Pill Skill and Money Mania which target community reintegration, Grocery Grab which focuses on cognitive linguistic skills and many other games for residents of varying abilities. Your RESTORE login is designed for your discipline and each game clearly lists which skills will be the focus of that game. So... let the games begin!

If you would like to learn more about the American Speech Language Hearing Association’s Better Hearing and Speech Month (BHSM), and how you can support SLPs/STs, follow this link for more information

Our RESTORE community loves our SLPs/STs! We’re proud to connect with all of you. If you have a question leave a comment or email me and we will get those questions answered!





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