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RESTORE’s Marketing Benefit to Your Facility

Welcome back to our series on boosting collaboration & enhancing your customer’s experience. In the first post of this series, we looked at the ways Activities Directors use RESTORE with long term patients. Our second post talked about the benefit of utilization by nursing and restorative teams! In the final post of this series, we’ll look at how Administrators and Marketing teams can use the RESTORE program to differentiate their center from competitors.

The challenge of drawing potential admissions to one facility over others is very real. For patients and their caregivers, an essential part of deciding on which SNF to choose is how it will make them feel. When potential patients and their families visit your center, what do they see? In a world where you have to compete for every admission, what will make your patients feel good? In other words, how can you differentiate care in the marketplace? I want to share a story from a recent visit to a Marquis Health Services facility that demonstrates the RESTORE difference in creating a better patient experience. Above all, it shows marketers the power of patient stories in differentiating your facility from others.

The RESTORE Difference

At a training with Arbor Ridge Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center before Thanksgiving, we met a long term patient named Helen. During her first session, Helen hit the WILD Jackpot, becoming the 3rd ever Jackpot Grand Prize winner in our RESTORE network! Helen deserved the win as she insisted on working on coordination and range of motion equally with her left arm despite arthritic challenges, and that’s when the magic pull happened! A huge smile came across her face as she celebrated her achievement. The excitement of her win, which includes an “I hit the Jackpot with RESTORE” t-shirt, created a buzz throughout the entire center, which had both patients, family members, and staff coming down to try their luck! 

market your facility

Marketing Potential 

This sweet story highlights the impact that fun, engaging, and meaningful activities have on your facility. To best market the difference in your facility, Administrators need to understand how to quickly demonstrate RESTORE as a featured technology. As long as you have an internet connection and a webcam supported device, you can quickly load RESTORE games. Certainly allowing you to show the impact both in and out of the therapy gym. Beyond the marketing potential of innovative therapeutic gamification, the smiles, laughter, and feelings of achievement that come from engagement are sure to resonate with visitors and future clients.

In conclusion, sharing success stories like Helen’s in your marketing materials will easily help your building stand out from others. I hope this post provides some tangible ways to market your facility. We are here to coordinate with marketing professionals! Share a favorite experience, patient progress story, or photo by emailing We can’t wait to hear from you! 

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