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Spread the RESTORE Love!

We love bringing you seasonal versions of your favorite games to help boost patient experience! This month, we have two Valentine’s themed games Slots of Love and Cupid’s Arrow. Therapists, Care Partners, and players will fall head-over-heels for these fun and vibrant activities! 

icon for Slots of Love gameSlots of Love

We know players love the virtual slot machine, making it a favorite game year-round. In the themed-game Slots of Love, players will pull the lever to collect three (3) matching Valentine’s items! A perfect activity for patients working on activity tolerance or UE range of motion. When asked why it was their favorite, one player said, "I have to really concentrate on it. It makes me change hands too. It's a great, fun game. I love it!" Reminder: If a player pulls a rare "Triple WILD" jackpot, let us know, and we'll send them a special gift! 


Cupid’s Arrowicon for Cupid's Arrow game

Help Cupid make a love connection by playing our Valentine’s game Cupid’s Arrow. Using your controller with one hand (small controller) or both hands (larger controller), focus Cupid’s bow on a couple to strike them with love! 💗 Make sure to aim for the center of the couple to release the arrow. A great game for those players working on reaching, crossing the midline,  or targeting balance.

Slots of Love winner

Looking for new ways to engage your residents this Valentine’s Day?! Here are a few tips for your next event: 
  • Make use of the abundance of red decorations hanging around your center and use a paper heart or another fun item as a controller during a special Love Day session.  If the player is wearing red, however, be sure to use contrasting colors to play! 
  • Set up a special partnered session of Cupid’s Arrow and have them work together to strike the couples on screen with an arrow. 
  • Organize a Valentine's-themed competition to see who can get the highest score in Slots of Love during a group therapy session.
  • Award your top players or group therapy participants with candy, flowers, or homemade cards! 

We can’t wait to see all the ways you use these games to boost the patient experience and get them moving (and loving it!)  

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