Gone Fishin’

Grab your fishing pole and dive into RESTORE with our recently added game, Fish Spell! This activity gives players the oppor-tuna-ty to target both cognitive and motor skills as they simply “catch” fish in order to correctly spell a given word or complete a pattern.

Using a red, green, or blue object, hover the target over the fish displaying the correct letter until it fills up.  Be sure to catch all the fish in the correct order to complete open the treasure chest on the ocean floor. Adjust the settings to match shapes or colors instead.  Hold your hand over the snail to hear the word repeated. Play this activity in a variety of positions to strengthen the foundational skills necessary for self-care activities.

Fish Spell aims to further develop the following skills:

  • Cognitive Skills
    • Spelling
    • Planning
    • Matching Patterns
  • Mid-line Crossing
  • Bilateral Coordination
  • Range of Motion

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