Whether working with Restorative Nursing or the Activities Department, residents of all levels will enjoy playing our interactive games and physically engaging with the activities that are taking place onscreen.

With a wide range of seasonal activities, residents are guaranteed to have a great time discussing their hobbies, reminiscing with their favorite stories, and creating new memories from their RESTORE experience. When hosting your next Beach Day, Camping Event, or enjoying a Sports Tournament together, our wide variety of games is the perfect compliment to enhance the experience of each and every resident!

“The residents caught on quickly and remembered times in Atlantic City while they played ‘Jackpot’, so we were not only exercising but playing and reminiscing too!" - Jen C., Recreational Assistant, Crest Pointe Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center


Smiles Anywhere

The freedom of portability allows you to set up and start smiling with your residents right away!

Collaboration Between Professionals

Easily enhance communication between different departments.

Greater Engagement

Participation increases when residents find activities to be manageable, interactive, and enjoyable.

Provide Innovative Activities

Introducing patients to new technologies and gamified experiences will add to their quality of life.

Enhance Game Night & Facility Events

Whether they enjoy sports, animals, or cooking, residents will have lots of fun enjoying our amusing, interactive games.

More Interest & Participation

Patients and residents love the variety of interactive activities, often asking to play multiple times a day with therapists, nurses, or other staff.

92% of Activity Care Partners said RESTORE helped increase resident attendance and active participation