When patients are smiling, laughing, and having fun, they push harder, practice longer, and move more often. We are here to help you create a better day for your  patients, and motivate your patients to push past discomfort for enhanced patient experience.

With a variety of functional skill-based games available in Single Game Play and Group Play settings, therapists have the flexibility to make the platform their own. Whether you desire a fun free play session for a group or prefer to design unique sessions for a patient, the sky’s the limit when it comes to creating an entertaining therapy experience.

Play a single game, practice specific functional-skills, or design your own session tailored to your patients motor and cognitive skills, with RESTORE's Single Game, Quick Session and Designed Sessions you will motivate your patients to reach for more.

Taking-turns, competitive-mode or motivational leader-board, RESTORE gives the therapists the freedom to engage with any number of players on one or multiple devices at a single time. Upgrade your next group session with our Ski Saga, Bulls-Eye or Take-Flight to boost patient motivation.

“Our residents only have positive feedback about RESTORE, this has given them something to look forward to on a daily basis.” - AJ Ordona, PT, Regional Vice President, Encore Rehabilitation Services


Accelerate Clinical Outcomes

Improve patient outcomes through increased engagement and exercise adherence.

Differentiate Care

85% of users say RESTORE helps them think differently about their care delivery, provides a fun and meaningful approach

Create a Buzz

Patients enjoy RESTORE, encourage other patients to play, and are excited to tell family and friends about their experience in therapy.

Drive Integration

Giving the therapy team a platform to empower Care Partners and enhance communication between departments.

Monitor Progress

Review your patient’s daily activities to monitor achievement at every stage.

Fewer Patient Refusals

Overcome patient refusals and increase participation, in the therapy gym or with a laptop in the patient room.

96% of therapists say that RESTORE motivates their patients to participate in therapy