RESTORE turns every computer into a Powerful, Engaging, and Measurable Functional Skills Development Platform

More Opportunities for Practice!

Because we know that providing unique opportunities for repeated skill practice in a fun, positive environment improves mood and function, ...
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New Activity to Practice Medication Management!

The practice of cognitive skills, like executive function, is essential for patients to build and retain the IADLs they need ...
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Data-driven activities & daily progress tracking

How Do You Measure Daily Progress?

Hi, I am excited to share that RESTORE's Daily Progress dashboard is now live. We understand how important it is ...
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It’s fun to go to the OHCA!

Spring is officially here (even if it doesn’t feel like it) and we officially have Spring Fever! And in the ...
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Sequencing Activities of Daily Living

The ability to perform Activities of Daily Living is dependent upon cognitive, motor, and perceptual skills. There is also the ...
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Mo Money, Less Problems

Who doesn’t like money?! Our guess is no one! And while money doesn’t grow on trees, you’ll find no shortage ...
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