I believe that adding life to our days is as important as adding days to our life…and we do both!

It is astonishing that therapy is still delivered as it was 100 years ago, from therapist to patient in the traditional 1:1 session. This model has several key deficiencies that, in today’s healthcare economy, are no longer sustainable:

  • Therapy sessions are dependent on the presence of a paid therapist (not scalable) 
  • Subjective/manual data collection and analysis by the therapist
  • Activities are standard and routine, rather than personalized and data-driven

Payers intend to cease to reimburse this approach; with PDPM we switched from volume to value. Providers will need achieve the same rehabilitation results while decreasing their OT/PT hours by 30%. Failure to do so means the same patient outcomes will result in a loss of compliance with the payers. This change necessitates a system such as RESTORE-Skills.

RESTORE-Skills brings rehabilitation into the 21st century by utilizing cutting-edge tools such as motion tracking, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to provide an end-to-end solution to reduce the need for the individual therapy session. RESTORE provides a scalable, data-driven SaaS platform that helps nursing homes and home care providers deliver the results expected of them, retain their compliance and preserve their revenue.

RESTORE goes beyond building a product or company, RESTORE is building a new category of on-demand, data-driven, rehabilitation tools for the healthcare demands of the 21st century.

I believe that therapy can be more effective, motivating, and fun – don’t you?

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Eran Arden

Co-Founder, CEO

Welcome to the RESTORE Blog!

This blog was developed to serve as a community where therapists, industry professionals, and patients can stay informed of the exciting news about our both our platform and the rehab industry.  

RESTORE is a data-driven, digital rehabilitation platform for physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Each of our therapy designed activities improve patient outcomes through increased motivation while also aiming to reduce the cost of therapy. Our online platform allows patients to continue their skill-building anywhere, any time and real-time data collection allows therapists to track progress throughout the patient’s recovery cycle.

In this blog – you’ll learn more not just about our platform, our unique activities, our dedicated team and our mission but together we’ll explore industry topics including PDPM, therapy trends, and the convergence of technology and therapy. The RESTORE blog is a chance to engage in dialog about how we’re using technology for good in the world of rehab. We invite our users and readers to pose questions and tell us more about the topics you want to know more about.

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Eran Arden

Founder and CEO