RESTORE turns every computer into a Powerful, Engaging, and Measurable Functional Skills Development Platform

Result-Driven Gamification

Engaging games that utilize therapeutic activities to motivate the patients to practice and achieve therapy goals.

Built by Therapists

To help reinforce motor, cognitive, social and attention skills, based on each patient's needs and progress.

Awarded Tracking Technology

Enables any webcam to identify and follow player movements with any range of motion.

Data-Driven Progress Tracking

Data-driven approach to patient care, supporting customizable treatment protocols.

Mac, PC and Chromebook Compatible

Turns every PC, Mac and Chromebook to a powerful skill development platform.

Increase Quality & Frequency of Practice

Rigorous, yet fun activities designed to help increase brain flexibility and skills through movement.


RESTORE in Therapy

Motivating patients to reach for more

"It’s incredibly motivating! The platform is so enjoyable and patients want to play all the time, I have patients who come down multiple times a day to play."

Joe A., OTR/L, Westgate Hills Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center

RESTORE with Care Partners

Advance patients goals together

"I've noticed how much fun our residents are having when they play! It's a great and innovative resource for our residents."

Barbara S., Recreation Director, Crest Pointe Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center


Empower patients, family members and friends

“The ability to send the patient home with a practice plan that is fun to play, help us maintain contact with the patient, and avoid the pattern of behaviors that lead to health concerns."

Barry Munk, CEO, Marquis Health Services

Play and Practice Skills - Anywhere, Anytime

All you need is a webcam!

Practice More

Anywhere, Anytime

Team members and patients can access RESTORE from every PC/laptop with an internet connection and a webcam.

Play More

Motivational Gamification

Endless motivation with our adjustable, innovative activities leads to a better day for every patient.

Reach for More


Monitor patients’ progress in the facility and at home then adjust sessions accordingly to continue achieving goals.

Achieve More

Unlimited License

Freedom and flexibility to use the platform on as many devices and with as many patients at the same time as available.

Start Upgrading the Patient Experience Now




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Unlimited License

Unlimited Users

Unlimited Data







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